How to Lock Up an Electric Scooter ? 4 Expert Tips


If you use an electric scooter for commuting, you can park it at your workplace, especially if it is compact. And similar is the case if you use it for running errands and groceries. You can conveniently take a compact electric scooter no matter where you go.

However, things are a little different if you own a heavyweight and powerful electric scooter. You cannot fit it in a locker and park it outside like other vehicles. These electric scooters for adults do not come cheap and can attract any prying eyes in your area.

Therefore, you need to think about how to lock up an electric scooter properly to keep it safe. The good thing is, there are various options you can explore in this regard.

Some of the options here for mopeds and bikes, but you can still use them to secure your electric scooter.

Types of Electric Scooter Locks

The first thing you have to deal with when thinking about locking up an electric scooter is the type of electric scooter lock. As we have mentioned above, there are different types of these locks, and they are suitable for a variety of electric scooters.

Ring lock

This type of lock is appropriate for some specific scooter models that come with wheels that have open spokes. These locks have a ring of steel and a cable right in the middle. This cable prevents the ring from rotating when you lock it to your scooter’s wheel. These locks have a Silver Secure Rating.

Cable lock

These locks are the most affordable types. They were initially for bicycles. However, the modern cable locks can be for securing electric scooters as well. They are extremely flexible, and you can wrap them around the handlebar.

Lock it into the bike rack or anywhere suitable. You can easily store the lock in your backpack or wrap it around your scooter when you do not use it. These locks have Bronze Secure Rating.

Chain lock

These locks are improved versions of cable locks and come with a Silver Secure Rating. Some high-end chain locks also come with Gold Secure Rating. Chain locks work similarly to a cable lock.

However, these locks feature a chain in a cable lock. The chain link secures your electric scooter in place, and they cannot be compromised just by using simple wire cutters.


These are by far the most secure type of lock on the market for an electric scooter. They can also be referred to as U-locks. These locks come with a Gold Secure Rating as they are made of tough steel shackles that will hold your scooter in place if you attach it with a bike rack or something sturdy. Thieves cannot cut these locks easily because they will need power tools for that.

Grip lock

A grip lock is for moped and motorbikes, but you can use it for locking your electric scooter as well. This is an affordable kind of lock that you can use conveniently. If your electric scooter features a squeeze brake (hand controlled), this type of lock will be the perfect option.

Pushing or pulling your brakes is quite difficult. It will work even better if you use it together with a D-lock or a chain lock. This type of lock only prevents rolling, and it doesn’t stop the thieves from picking it. Using an additional lock will add an extra layer of security.

Disc lock

This type of lock was initially for mopeds and motorbikes. However, if your electric scooter has a brake caliper, you can use this type of lock conveniently. It will prevent your scooter’s wheel from turning. It’s tough to penetrate as it is of quality alloy steel and is entirely waterproof.  So, it’s an excellent choice for any weather condition too.

Cuff lock

These locks are of highly durable steel, so they are relatively tough. They are almost impossible to cut and reassemble handcuffs. These are great for motorbikes, mopeds, and electric scooters due to their strengths and durability.

You can conveniently use them for parking and securing your scooter to a fence post, parking meter, or bike rack. As you can fold them in half, they don’t take much space in your backpack either.

Tips on How to Properly Lock Your Electric Scooter

Here are some tips that you can use to properly lock your electric scooter no matter what type of lock you are using.

●    Cover your scooter

You need to make sure that you adequately cover your electric scooter and make it less attractive to thieves or any prying eyes. You can go for an old cover to make it less appealing. Apart from that, you can also protect your scooter from dust and various other elements.

●    Never forget to lock it

Make sure and double-check that you have locked your electric scooter securely. It needs to be always locked when you park it outside, even for a few moments. You will be back in no time; even then, you have to lock it properly and do your things.

●    Take it with you if you have a foldable/portable model

If the scooter you own has a portable or foldable design, it would be better to take it with you no matter where you are going. After all, such a model is precisely for this purpose.

●    Choose a shorter lock and attach it to a study place

Make sure to go for a shorter lock like a D-lock or a chain lock because they are difficult for the thieves to insert anything and cut them. In case of a long cable or chain, make sure to wrap it around your scooter as much as possible to make it shorter and difficult to penetrate.

Plus, it would be better to anchor the lock with something very sturdy like a bike rack or a fence post. Even a stronger lock will not do anything if the anchoring is not sturdy, so it becomes easy to break.


Choosing the best type of lock is essential for the security of your electric scooter. Make sure you go for tough locks that are hard to break and impenetrable. You can always use a combination of two locks to make it even more challenging for thieves.

Also, make sure to keep your scooter well blended into its surroundings and don’t make it stand out for any reason. Using an old cover should do the trick, and it will protect the finish of your scooter too.

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