How to Look After Your Car

Figure 1 Looking after your car is actually very simple

With everyone looking to tighten their belts at the moment, keeping and maintaining a car could be seen as something of a luxury. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can follow simple instructions to prolong the life of your vehicle and not get stung by garage charges at inopportune moments.

You don’t have to change your tyres or oil like you are competing in the world-famous Daytona 500. But a little tender care can make a lot of difference, as well as saving you some money in the long run. Take a look at these five things to think about to make sure your car goes the distance – and then some.

Check Your Tyres

You don’t have to be a motoring expert to look after your vehicle. The tyres are actually one of the easiest parts of your car to look after – but they are sometimes left as an afterthought. But taking a look at the condition of your tyres could be the most important thing you do.

Make sure you look at the condition of the tyres as well as checking their pressure. Under-inflated tyres will also force you to spend more on fuel, so regular checks can save your wallet from taking a bashing too. Remember that front and back tyres will usually need different pressure amounts – so consult your handbook for the correct results.

Keep it Clean

Some people lovingly take care of their cars every weekend to keep them in tip-top condition and looking shiny new. But we also understand that you don’t always feel like getting the sponge and soapy water out when the weather is not so good. You don’t have to go crazy, but keeping your car clean is a great way to maintain its worth and life.

Not only does a dirty car look awful on the road, but the muck can also get into the moving parts and could cause bigger problems. Make sure you keep yours clean inside and out for the best results.

Change the Filters

We have not mentioned the importance of a yearly service, as we are assuming that you are already on top of that. But there are aspects of the service that can be carried out by yourself if you have the expertise. One of those is changing the oil and air filters on a regular basis.

Both filters can get very dirty and clogged over time, so you will need to renew them. Make sure you refer to your car’s handbook if you are changing the filters – and never use cheap parts to save money. You will always end up paying even more in the long run.

Keep it Covered Up

Obviously we mean when you are not driving the car! Many of us are lucky to have garages where we can keep our cars nice and dry. But many more will use their garages for just about everything else apart from parking their vehicle. So, if you do have a place you can park your car – do use it.

Cars may not be in danger of corrosion as much as they used to be, but you can still protect yours from damage – or theft – by keeping it inside overnight. You should also see that your insurance premiums come down if you use your garage as well. We’re sure everyone can agree that that’s a good move.

Figure 2 Keeping an eye on your levels is crucial

Check Your Levels Regularly

It is not rocket science to realise that you should look after your car and make sure everything is ticking along nicely every now and then. That way you will not be surprised with a big bill for something going wrong that could have been prevented.

Checking things like the oil, coolant, spark plugs, brakes, and interiors every couple of weeks will definitely prolong your vehicle’s life. By gaining more motoring knowledge you can save money and do many of the checks yourself – saving the extra cost of emergency work because of neglect.

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