How To Navigate The Motorway

For new drivers, going on the motorway for the first time is a very nerve wracking experience. This is because motorway driving is a little different to the driving new drivers are used to. If you’ve just passed your driving test and are now planning to drive on the motorway for the first time, you’re in luck. 

Reputable driving school Beverly Slater has provided us with top tips on how new drivers can successfully navigate motorway driving for the first time. Keep reading to find out more. 


Plan your journey ahead of time 

One of the best things you can do when it comes to planning any long car journey, but especially if you plan on using the motorways for the first time, is to plan your journey. You should know exactly which route you’re going to take, and be aware of any alternative routes in case you run into any diversions or unexpected problems. 

Knowing where you’re going can make navigating the motorways for the first time so much easier, and much less nerve wracking. As you have a determined route planned out, you can focus on getting to your destination without having to think about which exit to take and so on. 

Use a sat nav 

When venturing out onto the motorways for the first time, it can be a great idea to bring your sat nav along with you. If planning your journey goes wrong, and you end up getting lost, having a sat nav can make a difference and help you get back on track. Having something to guide you can calm your nerves, as you know you’ll have a source of information if you need it. 

Sat navs can determine the right route for you in seconds if you happen to go off course, they adapt to your driving and can offer helpful suggestions which can prove to be very handy. Always take one with you, just in case!

Take someone with you 

As well as taking a sat nav, you may also find it helpful to bring a passenger with you when you take on the motorway for the first time. An experienced driver that you know well would be the perfect candidate for this. 

Take someone that can help guide you and keep you calm and comfortable. Having someone help you out and guide you can make your first motorway driving experience much better. Being by yourself the first time can be intimidating and anxiety-inducing! So by bringing someone along for the ride, you may find yourself much more relaxed and at ease.

Remember to stay calm  

We understand that motorway driving can be a stressful and scary experience for some new drivers. This is why it is important to stay calm, and only attempt to drive on the motorway when you’re feeling ready enough. 

If you genuinely feel like you can’t take on the motorways, then there are specialist driving instructors out there who can help. You could sign up for a pass plays course, which is a specialist driving course that helps people tackle the harder aspects of driving, such as taking on the motorway. 

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