How to Personalize Your Car: 5 Things to Try

If you’re among the 221.7 million licensed drivers in the US, you’re likely looking for ways to make your ride your own. After all, self-expression is a great thing, especially when it comes to one of your most prized possessions.

There are tons of ways that you can spice up your vehicle so it looks great and stans out in crowded parking lots. Read on to learn how to personalize your car so that you can make your car stand out among the masses.

1. Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers may sound cliche, but they’re a classic for a reason. These awesome stickers are an inexpensive way to express yourself and ride in style without making any permanent changes to your car.

You can stick them anywhere you like on your bumper (or rear windshield, assuming you can still see out of it). This means that you can use multiple bumper stickers to convert your many interests.

No matter how niche your hobbies and obsessions are, there’s a bumper sticker out there that can express your love for them. You can totally get anime and book characters on bumper stickers off sites like Redbubble if that’s your jam. If you love sports or betting, it’s easy to find bumper stickers that feature any sports team or player that you prefer.

Hobbies and values are also easy to express with bumper stickers. Those ‘coexist’ stickers are pretty great for people who want to show acceptance and love to people from all backgrounds. ‘Cat lady’ bumper stickers can show that you value your pet. If you love to engage in woodworking or crocheting, you can find something that expresses that, too. To know more about Automotive Tips & Tricks, Check the Authoritybeast.Com Blog.

Bumper stickers are also awesome because they come in tons of different colors and can therefore go with any paint job.

2. Custom Paint Jobs

Speaking of paint jobs, getting a custom one is a perfect way to make your car stand out. Most cars come in fairly common hues like red, gold, white, black, and silver. While these are all cool colors, you might want to think outside the box a bit.

Think about your favorite color and paint your car that shade. Don’t be shy- choose the hue that you’ve always wanted to have. Whether that’s hot pink, bright teal, or lavender, you won’t regret getting your car painted that color you always dreamed of as a kid, and there’s no one to stop you from doing it.

Lots of people also choose to get multiple colors on their car. It’s more common today than ever before for people to paint patterns like flames or flowers on one door of their vehicle. If you’re not into these sorts of tattoolike images, that’s also fine- you can paint the doors a different solid hue from the body of your car. Just make sure that nothing clashes!

Make sure that you get a mobile auto detail job periodically to keep the color strong and bright. This ensures that you’ll always be able to showcase your true colors.

3. Vanity License Plates

Want to express yourself on your vehicle in words? Don’t mind having a character limit of 8 letters? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes,’ then a vanity plate is likely a good choice for you.

Consider what you’d like to put on a license plate. It can be your name, a pun, the name of a loved one, a sports team you like, or something having to do with your hobbies and interests. Just make sure that your meaning can’t be misconstrued, or your request will be turned down like a vegan’s ‘ILVTOFU’ license plate once was.

If you want to do something truly unique, you can make your license plate the name of your car. Most people give their vehicles some sort of name, so don’t be ashamed of doing this.

You can also create some cohesion within your car’s decor scheme with a license plate. If you have a ton of fishing bumper stickers, for example, a license plate that says something like ‘BIGCTCH’ might be a good choice. You also can get something like ‘DICE RL’ if you have D&D dice displayed in your back window.

4. Antenna Accessories

You’ve probably seen people with little antenna decorations on the top of their car. Although traditional long metal antennae are going out of style, there’s still a lot you can do with that little black antenna box on the top of your car.

Get something that you can put on the tip of it. This can be the head of your favorite dog breed, a soccer ball, or even a tiny rubber or foam letter to show off your initials. Doing this is a great way to make your car easy to see from far away since the antenna sticks up above the hood of your vehicle.

You can also paint the antenna cap any color you want. This goes along with going your car a cool paint job. Make sure that you choose a color that complements it well- there are tons of options available to you.

5. Interior and Dash Decorations

We brushed earlier on the idea of showcasing something like dice in the rear windshield dash of your car. You can do this with just about any object you can think of as long as it can be secured down. Dolls, sock monkeys, and cool pins or straps are all good ideas that can be either sewn onto your dash or secured with a pin or tack.

Just make sure that it doesn’t block your field of vision!

Beyond How to Personalize Your Car

Now that you know how to personalize your car in a way that best suits you, it’s time to learn more about making your vehicle unique.

Check out the rest of our webpage by clicking the tab that best describes the make and model of your car. Here, you’ll find tons of information on how to decorate and care for your vehicle so it looks awesome and lasts for many years to come, so start browsing ASAP!

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