How to pick your new car with confidence

Buying a car is a huge milestone and a big financial investment. Other than your budget, there are a lot of other factors to consider when buying a vehicle. You’ll have to think about the quality and durability of the car, insurance costs, fuel consumption, maintenance, servicing and much more. With over 300 different car models available on the market today, choosing the perfect car for you can be a bit overwhelming. So, here are three tips to help you pick your new car with confidence.

How to pick your new car with confidence

Create a pros and cons list

Very rarely do you find everything you want in one car. You will have to compromise on a few things, so the first thing you should do when picking a vehicle is to create a list of non-negotiables. This list should include everything your new car must have, and it will serve as your starting point. Next, make a list of prospective vehicles and begin the elimination process. Create a pros and cons list for every car and only settle for the one that checks most of your boxes.

Take multiple test drives

After identifying the car you want to buy and broaching the topic of money, the next step is test driving. This step is crucial when buying a car because it helps you access the quality and compatibility of the vehicle. When test driving a car, ensure that you do the following:


Walk around the car and check for scratches, missing pieces, and rust, even when buying a new vehicle. Cars get damaged during shipping, so be on the lookout. Once you’re in the car, look around to ensure that you can comfortably see through the rear windscreen. Lastly, ensure that the dashboard is up to your standards.


Unexpected noises from a car can be a signal for a malfunction. Pay attention as you start up the engine and once you are on the move, listen out for knocking noises because they could hint at a damaged suspension.


Check that all the buttons work correctly, ensure that the seats adjust easily, and confirm that everything is made of quality materials.

Lease a car for six months

If you are still unsure about the car after the test drive, consider leasing it for a while. This will give you more time to use the car before fully committing to one. If you are looking for a Volkswagen, VW leases have various different models available for lease.

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