How To Prepare Your Car For Winter Season?

The cool breeze, snowflakes resting on trees, and a hot cup of coffee; winter is indeed a beautiful season. But, the same season takes a toll on your cars. This calls for the need for preparing your car for this season.

Before the onset of winter, it’s essential to carry out seasonal vehicle maintenance to ensure that your car doesn’t break down in winters or any season. Here’s a brief guide for you.

  DIY Maintenance Mechanism For Your Auto Parts - - Infographic

And here’s how to prepare your car specifically for the winter season-

  • Tires 

Throughout the winter season, the roads are covered with snow. This makes it important for you to prepare your tires for the ride on icy roads. 

Tires determine your safety and for winter, lay your faith in tires that are made of a softer compound that is easily pliable at cold temperature. Also, make sure the tires are heavily patterned. 

For driving on snow, you can select snow tires, traction tires, studded snow tires, or tire chains according to local conditions. Also, make sure to check the tire pressure weekly. 

Always carry a spare tire as the chances of flat tires increase in the winter season. 

  • Battery

Weak batteries often fail during the winter season. Since cold chemicals slow down the chemical reaction, the energy output of a lead-acid battery tends to drop. Hence, to ensure that your car starts quickly, you need to have strong car batteries. 

Before winter, check your car batteries. Check the fluid level, as well as terminal connections. If the battery doesn’t function properly at a moderate temperature, replace it with a newer one. 

  • Anti-freeze 

You must also check the anti-freeze to ensure a trouble-free ride throughout the winter season. Check the condition of anti-freeze. It should be clear and bright. If the coolant is dark, flush it and replace it with a newer one. 

Visually inspect the system and check the hoses, radiators, and caps. Replace the broken one as bulging hoses, leaks, cracks, or tears can take create problems. Water to anti-freeze ratio should be 1:1. 

  • Windshield 

Having functional wiper blades is quite important during the winter season as they remove all the winter grime from the windshield. 

Cold temperature hampers rubber compounds. Further, slush containing corrosive salt (that melts ice) also hampers the wiper blades. Therefore, check the condition of your windshield wiper blades before the onset of the winter season. 

Replace the regular wipers with special winter wipers that are stiffer and more efficient. Also, get the windscreen fluid replaced with a fluid that has a lower freezing point. 

Before you drive, clean snow from the hood, trunk, roof, and glasses. Heat the windshield to facilitate the movement of wiper blades. Not doing so can make your blades tear. 

  • Oil 

Winter oil should be lighter and thinner to provide proper lubrication. If you use high-viscosity oil during the winter season, it may hamper the functioning of your vehicle to a great extent. 

You can consult an expert to determine the best winter oil for your car or check the manual. 

  • Defroster and heater 

Before winter, check the fans, heaters, and front, as well as rear windshield defoggers. Fix the broken ducts or leaks, if any. 

Also, check the door seals for water leaks that may allow moisture inside your car. If you find moisture inside your car, get it fixed as this issue will take a toll in the winter season.

The bottom line 

Just like you prepare your home and wardrobe for the winter, prepare your vehicle as well. Use the above-mentioned tips to prepare your car for the season and enjoy a comfortable ride throughout the winter.

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