How to Protect Your Car From Outside Conditions

Did you know that high heat can damage the interior and exterior of your vehicle? If you want to learn how to protect your car from outside elements, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to protect your car’s exterior and keep it in top shape.

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Find a Shady Area

In a warmer and sunnier climate, you’ll want to look for a shaded parking area. A lot of time, people will leave their vehicles parked beneath the sun. Take a few minutes to find a shaded area for your car.

Your vehicle will stay cooler, and the shade will block the UV rays.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Vehicle

You can get rid of bugs, minerals, or debris when you wash your car often. If you don’t wash your vehicle, the bugs or minerals could react to the heat from the sun. You might see faded paint as a result.

Bird droppings are rich in digestive bile and acids. Tree sap, pollen, and saltwater can also affect the exterior of your vehicle. Bugs release acid during their decomposition and damage the surface of your vehicle.

Get a car shampoo for washing the surface of your car. Make sure you also hand-dry it to lift off the remaining grime.

Make sure you wash your vehicle often if you notice bugs or pollen. This way, you can prevent damage to your vehicle.

You’ll Need to Wax Your Vehicle

Waxing your car can protect it against ultraviolet rays in the summer. The wax will also lock in natural oils in the paint and provide extra protection from the sun.

Consider waxing your vehicle at least once a year. If you don’t have time, make sure you book an appointment with a professional.

What About Paint Protection?

The paint protection film is invisible but will shield your vehicle. It’s like an added layer of sunscreen. You can pick up a paint protection film kit for acrylic headlights. Yet, you can also get a paint kit for your entire vehicle.

Maintain the outside surface of your vehicle. You will save money down the road. A paint protection film will slow the aging process of your car.

The film will also protect your vehicle from minor dents, grime, dust, and scratches. You can boost your vehicle’s value with preventive care.

Research online “paint protection film near me.”

Check Your Tire Pressure

In the summer, tires can blow out more often because of increased temperature and heat.

Driving frequently and for a longer commute will make your tires under-inflated. When under-inflated, tires in contact with hot roads can blow out more quickly.

Check your tires before summer hits. Follow up with frequent checkups throughout the season. You can prevent accidents and problems. You’ll also save money on buying a new tire too.

Consider Getting Your Vehicle Detailed

You should get your vehicle detailed once a year, even if you do get it waxed and cleaned. A professional detail ensures every part of the interior and exterior gets cleaned.

A detailer will use specific auto cleansers to get rid of stubborn stains sticking to the paint. The detailer will also get rid of light scratches.

You’ll protect the exterior of your vehicle when you get it detailed.

Cover Your Vehicle

When it’s possible, park your vehicle in a garage. You will maintain the paint job this way. If you don’t have a garage, you can invest in a car cover.

Quality car covers will protect your vehicle from UV rays. Covers will also shield the car from hail or other debris in a windstorm. A vehicle cover can protect your car from falling debris.

Find a cover that’s made of breathable fabric and fits snugly. You don’t want to end up trapping moisture between the cover and the car.

What About a Windshield Protector?

Protect the front interior of your vehicle from sun and heat with a windshield protector. Your steering wheel and dashboard can also get exposed to direct sunlight if you park in the sun.

The steering wheel and dashboard will suffer and crack from the heat. A windshield shade will cut down on the rays and sunlight. You can also get a rear windshield shade to protect the rear interior of your vehicle.

Window Sunshades

Window shades are easy to put on your car windows to block some of the sun rays. Reduce the heat inside your vehicle. Window shades are easy to break down and can fit in your pocket.

Consider Tinting Your Windows

A lot of people are curious if a window tinting treatment could reduce the heat. Window tints will block thermal rays letting sunlight pass heat.

Blocking some wavelengths will block the heat inside your vehicle. Check the local law to find out the percentage of tinting allowed on your windows.

Reflectorized Sun Panel

People use a reflectorized sun panel to protect their vehicles from heat and sunlight. You will pay a bit upfront, but it will provide decent protection against the sun.

If you’d like some protection from the sun, consider this option.

Now You Know More About Protecting Your Car’s Exterior

We hope this guide on how to protect your car from the outside elements was helpful. Make sure you protect your car’s exterior by investing in sunshades and window treatments.

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