How to start a car without a key?

Are you the one whose key got broken inside the ignition or mistakenly misplaced the key and now wants to start the car? If so, then you have come to the right place. There is no doubt that a car can get started without the need for a key as well. In other words, you would have seen most of the cases where the car got stolen by the thief even when they don’t have the car keys. So today, we are sharing the knowledge with a perspective of helping those stuck in the same issue and demand a positive solution. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about it in detail.

Different Methods to start a car without a key:

Red Coil Wire:

The red coil wire technique is a very technical way for a person to start the car without a key. Therefore, you should be well-known with all of the mechanics of the car if trying this method. Also, this method can work out as preferable for the old types of cars. While trying to start the car with this method, you need to have the proper knowledge of the entire car wiring connections diagram, as all the variants of vehicles tend to have different wiring methods. Also, try to not do the whole procedure with force as it could damage any part of the car.

How to start a car without a key

To find the car’s red coil wire, you need to go under the car’s hood. You can connect the red coil wire with the positive battery terminal by using the jump starter cable. 12 volts of power would require in this technique for the coil directly. Meanwhile, you need to find the starter solenoid wire in the steering wheel and connect it to the positive battery terminal. By the time you connect the Solenoid wire, the engine will start.

Hot Wire Method:

The Hot wiring technique to start the car is famous worldwide, and you may also have some hints of it if you watch the spy category films. Yes, such techniques are used in a similar types of films. However, you should be aware that the hot wiring technique is not that easy as it can give you shocks if you are not following the right procedure, and your health may also get at risk. Basically, the hot wiring method can easily help you bypass the ignition system and start the car without a key.

In the hot wiring procedure, you must first remove the plastic cover from the steering wheel. On both sides, you will see some screws that need to be unscrewed to access the car’s ignition system.

After unscrewing the screws from the steering wheel, you then need to check out the car wiring diagram to ensure the whole setup. Why? Because checking out the entire wiring diagram is essential as some of the wires tend to be faulty, which can cause damage to the whole wiring system if you are following the hot wiring method.

Before getting further, you should need to wear protective gloves. After that, you need to cut the ends of the power wires and the end of the battery wires. Meanwhile, you should know that brown or yellow wires are related to ignition, and the red wire is for the battery. At last, you need to connect the power wire end to the battery wire end by considering the twisted method. In this way, the car engine will hopefully start.


The third method to start the engine is possible with the help of a hammer or screwdriver. However, this method requires a lot of professionalism as any minor mistake can damage or break the switch of the car’s ignition.

In the Hammer/Screwdriver method, you can disable the lock pins of the ignition. After that, you have to get about 2/3 inches inside the keyhole and then use the screwdriver to turn on the ignition. Also, you can make good use of the metal piece to perform the same procedure of starting the vehicle’s ignition system.

The drawback of considering this method to start the car without a key is that it can break the key mechanism thoroughly. Therefore, you only have the option to replace it with a newer one.

How to Start a Keyless Car without the help of a smart key?

IF you have purchased a keyless car, which is now a day coming in a tremendous amount, you may get into a situation where the car key battery dies, and you are now clueless about how to start it. Therefore, it’s essential to learn the procedure for the keyless car to not face any issues when starting the vehicle.

First of all, you may need to unlock the car’s door manually. You should preferably hold the key to the door handle and try to open it as minor energy in the key battery can help you. If it’s not opening, you should know that every smart key does come with a mechanical key option that is for the basis of emergency situations. Therefore, you should use this method and try to open the door.

After the car door has opened successfully, you have to start the car with the dead battery smart key. The companies who have introduced the technology come with the emergency option in the keys. Therefore, the passive RF chip is the primary option in the key fobs that can help you start the keyless car, and the chip doesn’t require any energy. Now, all you need is to hold the RF chip towards the start engine button of the car. In this way, the button will detect the RF chip, and it can help the car to get started.

Apart from that, if you have lost the keys, things won’t help you start the keyless cars. In such situations, you should not do anything else and directly contact the official dealership that is nearest to your location. They will be the ones who can provide you the new Smart key for the car by taking the help of the Car’s VIN. If you happen to own a Dodge car and face any issues with the keyless entry, it’s best to seek help from professional Dodge keys and programming locksmith who can assist you with any problems related to your car’s keys. After that, you are good to start the keyless car without any hurdles.

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