How to Transport a Motorcycle: A Complete Guide

Have you ever transported your motorcycle before? If you have, you understand the hassle and challenges involved in the moving process. Shipping a motorcycle is easier said than done.

Are you relocating to a different state? Or, have you found a nice motorcycle on sale in another state, and you’re looking for a way to get it home? Whatever your motivation for knowing how to transport a motorcycle is, getting started is the hardest part.

Are you wondering whether to transport it yourself or hire a shipping company? If you choose to do it yourself, what special equipment do you need? Read on below to cut through the confusion and determine the best way to transport a motorcycle.

1. Transporting the Motorcycle Yourself

There are different ways to transport a motorcycle. One of them is handling the shipping process yourself.

Most people think that this is the best method of transportation. While there are many advantages to handling everything yourself, there are also many downsides you should consider. Below is an outlook of the advantages and disadvantages of DIY motorcycle transportation:

The Advantage

If done right, this method could save you hundreds of dollars. It is one of the cheapest methods of transporting your motorcycle. However, the total cost will depend on the distance traveled and the equipment required.

Riders like to feel in control. Your motorcycle is essential to you, thus trusting a stranger to transport it can be quite unsettling.

DIY shipping also gives you control of the shipping schedule. You can dictate when and where the bike departs and when it reaches the destination.

The Disadvantage

While transporting the bike yourself sounds like a cheaper option, the equipment cost can quickly add up. You need to consider the equipment involved and how much it will cost you to purchase. You will need a small motorcycle trailer or a flatbed, clam or ratchet buckle, tie-downs, and a ramp.

How to Transport a Motorcycle Yourself

If you choose to take this road, ensure you take the time to do it right. Remember also to take the necessary precautions to avoid damaging it. Follow the below steps.

  • Get the right trailer or vehicle equipped to secure the motorcycle
  • Get someone to help you load the bike to the trailer
  • Ensure you tie it down correctly to avoid damaging it
  • Ensure it’s covered by insurance in case of an accident

If you want to get your motorcycle to its destination damage-free, ensure you take the time and money to do everything right. Get all the necessary equipment for safe transportation.

2. Using a Freight Company to Transport Your Motorcycle

If your main focus is reliability and speed, using a freight company is the best option. There are many specialized motorcycle shipping companies in the market today. Choose one that gives you peace of mind that your bike is in good hands.

When you choose a freight company, your motorcycle will be placed in a steel or wooden crate. It will be shipped together with other goods. Below are the pros and cons of using a freight company:

The Pros

The main advantage of using these services is the reliability and speed they take to deliver your motorcycle. The average time it takes to transport a bike across the US is 3-7 days. The transit time will depend on the company and shipping distance.

Shipping companies make their money transporting goods on time to different locations. Thus, you can count on your bike arriving at the destination in one peace and on time.

The Cons of Using Freight Companies

While freight companies are reliable and fast, there are also disadvantages to using this shipping method. While the cost of shipping is fair, you have to supply the custom crate for the motorcycle.

You must provide the company with accurate dimensions and weight when requesting a quote. If there are any errors, the additional costs could quickly add up, giving you a larger bill than expected.

The insurance cost can also be relatively high and may be subject to a deductible. Some insurance companies may even refuse to cover you if you use certain shipping companies.

How to Use the Freight Company When Transporting Your Motorcycle

Before handing over the motorcycle to the freight company, you will need to have a custom-made crate. You can purchase the crate from a reputable source or build one yourself. Some people prefer buying the crate online.

Once the motorcycle is placed in the crate, you can call the freight company to come and get the bike. They will ship it along with other cargo.

The Cost of Transporting Your Motorcycle

Comparing the cost of different shipping companies may minimize the risk of damage. The cost of transporting your motorcycle may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Size of the motorcycle
  • The distance shipped
  • Pick-up place
  • Drop off location
  • The season
  • The fuel costs

Depending on the above factors and the transportation method you chose, you may be looking at costs of up to $1,600. Moving it yourself may be a cheaper option. However, ensure you evaluate the risks involved and confirm if it’s worth it.

You should also calculate the cost of fuel depending on where you are going and the distance. According to AAA data, the cost of driving a pick-up is 0.53 cents per mile.

Now You Know How to Transport a Motorcycle

Are you wondering how to transport a motorcycle? Ensure you choose the best option based on the above tips. No matter the reason you are transporting your motorcycle, the most important thing is to ensure that the bike arrives at the destination in good shape.

Transporting your motorcycle can be quite challenging. However, the process can be easier if you factor in the costs, use the right equipment, and choose the ideal method. Ensure you consider the insurance coverage, degree of experience, and the offered services if you decide to use a freight company.

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