How to Transport a Motorcycle Safely

Did you know that the first motorcycle was unveiled in 1885? Gottlieb Daimler showed the world his “riding” cycle and a popular mode of transportation was born. Now the modern motorcycle is a beloved vehicle that is more than just a method of getting from point a to b. 

If you are one of the millions of people who own a motorcycle, congrats! But if you need to ship it somewhere soon, a lot can go wrong while transporting your beloved ride. Don’t take chances–read on to learn how to transport a motorcycle safely here. 

DIY Truck Transport

If you want to take your motorcycle yourself, you can DIY with a truck. There are ways to transport a motorcycle by securing it with straps in the back of a truck bed. Don’t try to do this yourself alone, but get assistance from someone else to help load and strap it in. 

Rent a Van

If you are looking for an unconventional solution for shipping, you can rent a van. Be sure it is the correct size and that you have the right equipment to get the motorcycle in and secure it. 

Buy a Motorcycle Carrier

Another option for transporting a motorcycle is by purchasing a hitch carrier that can be attached to the back of a truck. Make sure that you choose one that can bear the correct weight of your motorcycle vs. the vehicle. If you do this, then you should not have any damage to either. 

Transport a Motorcycle With a Motorbike Trailer

If you are looking for the best way to transport a motorcycle, it might be the motorbike trailer. It can be open or enclosed and some even have room for gear. A motorbike trailer comes in many different types so you can find the best one to keep your ride safe from weather and other shipping challenges. 

Use a Freight Company

If you want to leave shipping to the pros, you can always use a freight company. A local or national company will have the experience to safely move your motorcycle. But to do this, you must get it crated and ready to ship first. 

Rely on a Motorcycle Shipper

For those owners who don’t want to trust their motorcycle with a freight company, there is another option. There are motorcycle shippers who specialize in shipping motorcycles only across the country. They will have specialized equipment for dealing with motorcycles that will give you peace of mind. 

Ready to Transport Your Motorcycle?

Now that you’ve learned how to transport a motorcycle, you can take the necessary precautions to make sure yours arrives at its destination safe and sound. There are many shipping options, from securing it to a truck bed to getting a motorbike trailer. But no matter which one you choose, make sure to get insurance in case an accident happens. 

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