How to Use Bike Bell Properly? Keep it simple and easy


Headphones in the ear, listening song, and riding a bicycle are among the activities that amuse me to the road of my workstation. I enjoyed it most as it saves my money and time at the same moment. Not only that, but my physical exercise is also done. Three crucial things at a time. Multitasking, I guess. Yet, some people are still uncomfortable with it. And that’s also for the bells only. They think the riders don’t know How to Use Bike Bell Properly. Is it actually? Instead, I found the signal much useful while passing people on the walkways or roads.

Moreover, bike or bicycle, whatever you called this two-wheeler, is the safest ride on the road. And the environment friendly as well.

How to Use Bike Bell Properly

Benefits of riding a Bike:

If you don’t have a bike or ever use one, you can’t even imagine how useful it is and how many ways. Not all people have been able to carry the parking cost of a car. Except that you could find the bike very handy while moving into any rough trail where your car can’t support. Let’s see some other benefits to use a bicycle.

  • I found the bicycle a very convenient one in any situation. Whether in a Hurry or relaxing. Also, you can avoid heavy traffic by cornering large vehicles. 
  • You could mend your track anywhere anytime. If you want shortcuts, you could use an alley or lanes with this two-wheeler.
  • Besides, you don’t need to refuel it after every while. You can pump the wheels using a hand pump only. Meanwhile, there is no maintenance cost you have to calculate with your monthly bill.
  • Furthermore, most of the stations, schools, or any parking area, the cost is nearly none or none.
  • And the most important one is that those who don’t have enough spare time to exercise can utilize this time. Biking is an excellent physical activity that keeps you healthy and active.
  • Last but not that least, you don’t have to spend loads of money to but a bicycle. This less-expensive criterion makes it handy and reachable to everyone.

Types of bicycle horns:

What we are discussing is about using the bike bell properly. Before doing that, let me tell you how many types are there for bicycle bells. 

There are basically two types of bells you will find in the market. One is classic, and the other is Air horn .

Classic bell: you can find this classic bell from the very beginning of the bicycle era. They are the oldest one from 1800 from the very beginning, they were mounted on the handlebars within easy was brass or steel body before. A Finger push oriented lever was there to produce a Ding. Usually, your thumb is used primarily for these bells. 

While pressing the lever, a ringer strikes on the bell body and creates the sound. Therefore some gears activate internally to ring of the rim. Later these ancient classic bells are replaced mostly by a flexible arm on the plastic tab. While you flick on the tag, it strikes on the outer of the bell structure and makes that familiar chime.

Now in modern days, you will find the bells on a stretchy ring instead of the handle. Thus you can adjust the placement of the signal in the highest comfort. 

Air horns:

These particular horns are the reasons people dislike bikes. These bells use air as a pressure you produce a loud noise. It emits sound louder sometimes to 120 deciles. These bells have the additional casing to store up the atmosphere. And not sound friendly that I already mentioned. 

I would suggest to use it for fun for a while. Otherwise, I will go for the classic one, in other words. I am already using one actually.

There are plenty of companies that manufacture super convenient and affordable classic bells. They are stylish at the same time. So you wouldn’t seem old fashioned using the classic one. Spend a little time of yours on the internet or you may go for a visit in Bikeinqurie. And you will end up choices one above another.

How to Use the Bell?

Okay, if you find bicycle apparently an innocent and think you don’t have to abide by the rule. You might get distracted. Because these two-wheeler has also had to follow all traffic rules applied for other vehicles. Sometimes more than others. Besides, if you ride your bike without a bell, you might end up with a traffic siren behind you.

In most countries, you need to use the bell on your bike and have to use them thereby. But How to Use Bike Bell Properly? That’s a question. Here are the dos and don s.

Do’s are:

  • You must follow country traffic rules about ringing accordingly the city you live in.
  • Check your bell accurately ring before you are out on the road.
  • Ring your bell while crossing a road or change the lane. 
  • When you turn left or right to any road corner, keep ringing.
  • Always alert the person or car in front of you, 
  • Be gentle on ringing your bell in front of the school or hospitals.

Now the don s:

You must not keep pressing the lever all the time while you are on a signal. It makes sound pollution.

  • Don’t make any noise in front of the school streets or in hospital parking either;
  • Try not o use air horns;
  • Don’t use your bell to frighten someone.
  • Stop doing sudden ringing just at the side of some person or car.

Proper can be defined in many ways in many countries. But if you follow the traffic rules and use the bell gently, that makes you a sensible and kind person. 


You can’t using a bike bell if you use the bike regularly. The bike bell should be your trusted friend on safe riding. Instead, it becomes an annoying one. Using the alarm properly may inspire those who deny using a bicycle for this. Whatever be the reason, make it necessary. Your sensible use keeps the environment safe and pollution-free. Never ring your bell for fun only. Next time you ride with your bike, keep it sound and risk-free.

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