How to Use Car Storage Facilities

Did you know that 55% of Americans spend 1-2 hours each week in the garage completing hobbies and other activities? Although a garage is meant for a vehicle, your car might be taking up needed space.

If this is the case for you, consider using car storage facilities.

The primary reason that people store their car is that they infrequently use it. A car that is not often used takes up space and slowly wears down.

People working in jobs that require them to be away from their homes for months at a time can also benefit from car storage facilities. Those with classic cars tend to also find use with storage units.

When you go on vacation, you might consider storing your car instead of leaving it out in the open. Before placing your car in a vehicle storage unit, consider these tips:

Clean Your Car

Before you use storage space, you should clean your vehicle. If there is dirt, dust, or residue on your car when you put it into storage, it can wear down the paint and metal on the exterior of your car.

The same goes for the interior of your car as well.

Cover Your Vehicle

When you use car storage facilities, you’ll want to prevent new dust and dirt from settling on your car and causing damage. To do this, you can cover your vehicle with plastic wrap. Learn more information about this option here.

Once you drop your car off, you won’t be there to clean it every week. To keep your car clean while it is in storage, invest in a quality vehicle cover. If you don’t have the budget for it, use sheets instead.

Don’t Use the Parking Brake

When you park your car, you might be used to using the parking brake. When storing your car for long periods, you should do the opposite.

Using your parking brake while the car is in storage risks damaging your rotors and brake pads. When these two pieces are together for a long time, they can fuse.

This can lead to safety issues and a high cost when you start driving your car again. You can use tire stoppers instead if you want a safe alternative for your vehicle.

Consider the Size of Storage

Size matters when it comes to vehicle storage as a space that is too small is difficult to navigate. In contrast, using a storage unit that is too big will cost you extra for no real reason at all.

A 10 x 15 storage space works for compact cars and a 10 x 20 storage space works for common vehicles. For larger vehicles like cargo vans, cab trucks, and SUVs, you’ll want a 10 x 25 storage space.

Using Car Storage Facilities the Right Way

Contrary to popular belief, there is a right and wrong way to use car storage facilities. No matter your reasoning for needing vehicle storage, the above tips will help you out.

When you decide to store your car, make sure you choose the right-sized storage units and use the right tools. To avoid damaging the vehicle while it is in storage, cover your car and don’t use the parking brake.

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