How you can easily combine a manufacturing degree with another degree by studying them online

It’s not uncommon for young people to discover a fascination with engineering simply by helping dad out with a car restoration project – a real labor of love.

For many, this youthful fascinationends up being relegated to the category of ‘hobby’ as they advance into adulthood – something to try to fit in between work and family commitments.

However, for those who spend theirdaily commute to the office suppressing the nagging dissatisfaction that they’re missing out on what truly interests them, there’s a solution. Get yourself qualified in the field of engineering.

If that sounds impossible because of unavoidable necessities(such as earning a living), think again. You can realize your true calling by embarking on an online degree program that allows you to meet all of your work and family commitments but advances you rapidly towards a fulfilling career in automotive manufacturing. There’s no need to take an unaffordable few years off from work to attend a campus: you can study for this degree in your own time at home.

Online degrees specializing in manufacturing are available from many accredited centers of learning, as more universities are recognizing this pervasive dilemma and are beginning to offer such programs as viable solutions. There are plenty of people who come to the realization that they need something more out of their working lives than ‘grinning and bearing it’ every day, and online degrees are often tailored to allow them to get the coveted qualifications they need to open the doors to new careers–without fatally disrupting their existing commitments.

For those whose love of cars wasthe seed from which their interest in engineering sprouted, one such program may have special appeal. The online Masters in Manufacturing Engineering program offered by the prestigious Kettering University in Flint, Michigan is the only one of its kind. The emphasis of this particular Master of Science degree is on mechanical engineering and its practical application in the real world of manufacturing. Developed in collaboration with General Motors, it takes students through the core principles of waste/inefficiency-eliminating lean manufacturing with the emphasis on the automotive industry.

While it’s possible to complete all 40 credits and 10 courses of this degree in as little as one year, there’s an additional option. At Kettering, students enrolling on the online Masters in Manufacturing Engineering can also boost their marketability significantly by also earning a Masters in Business Administration (MBA)– literally, two coveted degrees for the same number of courses that are generally required for just one degree.

Just five MBA-dedicated courses are required to earn this second degree alongside the MSc, giving graduates proven business astuteness on top of their advanced manufacturing engineering knowledge.

The combined course is designed to cater for the needs of busy working people– and the benefitsof earning both qualifications at the same time shouldn’t be underestimated.

MSc graduates with an MBA stand to command significantly higher salaries and much greater job securitythan competitors in the career market with a Masters degree only. Employers understand that such uniquegraduates bring not only in-depth know-how about manufacturing engineering but also prized business acumen – one way to ensure that your resume really stands out from the rest.

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