2020 Hummer H2 Latest, Reviews & interior Pictures

Hummer H2 2019 is the powerful, smooth, comfortable, fast and great on the highway. It includes the mist amazing 4 X 4 available system. It has full sized SUV shopper that looks so sexy on the road. It also has SUV turned head, purrs like a kitten and run like a lion. Because everybody wants the high end creature comfort with heated leather back and front. It includes DVD player in the dash and the head rests posh full leather interior. Hummer H2 used has full hand free communication with massive moon roof and chrome galore. We can realize the heavy images that attract us so much so it has become the target of the most aspirated green minded drivers.hummer h2 for saleHummer H2 cover includes drives of all with four wheels through rugged full time four wheel drive system. It has low range gearing and a locking read that make it different across the line for an off road. There is an air suspension available to smooth your ride over both highway and rough roads. Hummer H2 2020 price increases your convenience and comfort and has added features like Bluetooth phone connectivity, second row caption chairs, heated carpet, power tilting steering wheel, satellite radio with traffic navigation, on star on time destination assistance and seat storage frees up more space in interior.

hummer h2 price

Hummer H2 engine has off road performance easy in best class with accurate ground clearance. It includes radical departure and approach angles with generous wheel articulation and perfect tires grips. It has 390 Horse power 6.2 liter 8 cylinder engine and 6 speed automatic transmissions. Its dash board features glowing blue gauges and trim that’s between the best faux metal finishing in the market yet.

Hummer H2 battery has standard side curtain airbag that deploy downwards along the side windows for all the 3 rows of the seats and auto deploy if a rollover is sensed. There is no comparison to others on this luxury vehicle.

hummer h2 engine

Hummer H2 2019 features:

  • 6.0 L V8
  • 6.2 L V8
  • 4L60E 4-speed
  • 6L80E 6-speed
  • automatic



Wheelbase122.8 in
Length203.5 in
Width81.3 in

03: 77.8 in

Curb weight
  • 2,903 kg) – 6.0 L

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