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If you are one of those people who are interested in the engineering field, then you have probably heard about terms like PLCs, Fanuc Alarm Codes List, PLC programming and many more. In this article, you will learn more about the PLC world. 

PLC is the abbreviation of Programmable Logic Controller, is famous for being an industrial computer which is an essential part of industrial automation. Because of its robust design, special capabilities such as PID controllers, sequential control, timers and counters, ease of programming, reliable control, and ease of use of hardware, programmable logic controllers went beyond just being an industrial digital computer.

Because of the international spread and the acceptance of programmable logic controllers by the industry, the plc training course has become a prominent course for electrical students worldwide. Manufacturers have also designed and marketed several programmable logic controllers that we will talk about in this article.

What is a programmable logic controller system?

PLCs are found instead of traditional control panels whose operation relied on logic electromagnetic relays based on timers for industrial control systems. PLCs can continuously monitor the inputs from the sensors and decide on the outputs. Each programmable logic controller system needs at least the following three modules:

• Processor module 

• Power supply module

• One or more input/output modules

Types of programmable logic controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers are integrated as modular or single units.

A compactor integrated programmable logic controller  is made by various modules in a single case. Therefore, the manufacturer determines the input/output capabilities, not the person using them. Some integrated PLCs allow more input/output connections to be somewhat modular.

A modular programmable logic controller  is made up of various components that link to a typical rock or bass with expandable I / O capabilities. This type of programmable logic controller contains a power supply module, processor module, and other input/output modules linked together in a row. These modular programmable logic controllers are found in different sizes with variable power supply, computability, input/output connections.

Modular PLCs are classified into large, medium, and small programmable logic controllers according to memory size and the number of inputs/outputs.

A small  programmable logic controller 

A small PLC is compact and sturdy or placed next to control equipment. This type of PLC replaces the hardware relay logics, counters, timers, etc. The input/output module expansion of this programmable logic controller is limited to one or two modules and uses the list of logic instructions or the relay language as the programming language.

Medium-sized programmable logic controllers

Medium-sized PLC, is mainly used in industries that allow the connection of various modules to the backplane of the system. Many input/output points are offered by adding input/output cards. Also, this programmable logic controller offers communication features.

Large  programmable logic controllers

Usually, engineers use Large PLCs in areas where complex control operations are needed. These PLCs have higher performance than most programmable logic controllers regarding memory, programming languages, input/output and communication modules, and so on. The majority of these programmable logic controllers are used in control and monitoring and data acquisition systems, large factories, distributed systems, and many more.

Here are some of the famous companies across the world that manufacture PLCs:

  • Allen Bradley A(B)- programmable logic controllers
  • ABB(Asea Brown Boveri)- programmable logic controllers
  • Siemens- programmable logic controllers
  • Omron- programmable logic controllers
  • Mitsubishi- programmable logic controllers
  • Hitachi- programmable logic controllers
  • Delta- programmable logic controllers
  • General Electric (GE)- programmable logic controllers
  • Honeywell-programmable logic controllers
  • Schneider Electric-programmable logic controllers

For additional information about the PLCs, you can visit the official website of MRO Electric.

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