Information to Know About Car Detailing

Cars have become an essential part of modern-day life. In fact, the point has been reached where more people are choosing to keep and maintain their cars than has been previously recorded. Whether driven in urban or rural locations, many vehicles are exposed to damaging elements on a daily basis. Thus, it is not surprising that the amount of people who desire to have their cars professionally cleaned have been steadily increasing over time. While many are content with a simple car wash, car detailing can provide additional services that can restore a vehicle to prime condition.

What is it?

Car detailing involves having both a vehicle’s exterior and interior cleaned and reconditioned with specialized products. The service includes light-cosmetic touch ups, and eliminates scratches or swirl marks found on a vehicle’s paintwork. An exterior cleaning generally involves the vehicle in question first being washed thoroughly, with special attention to the especially dirty locations, for example, the wheels. After the wheels and paintwork have been cleansed, there is a clay bar treatment process that uses an engineered resin mixture to remove contaminants and pollutants from the surface a vehicle. Depending on the condition of a vehicle’s paintwork, it may be polished by either hand or machine, and then it is waxed for protection and shine. Other parts of a vehicle’s exterior, for instance windows, are cleaned after the main body. Interior auto detailing tends to include a vehicle’s interior being shampooed, vacuumed, and conditioning for leather aspects. Plastic and vinyl parts are also treated in this step. Though cleaning the engine bay is an optional service for most car detailing companies, it is a highly recommended one. It can reduce the time needed to find address engine related issues as well as demonstrate the level to which a vehicle is maintained. Other services companies offer are synthetic paint sealant, ceramic car coating, and even air conditioner mold removal.

What are its benefits?

Regular car detailing ensures one’s vehicle continues to look in a polished, top-notch condition. Consistent maintenance reduces the build-up of dirt and other filth inside and on the outside of a vehicle. A clean vehicle can improve one’s personal image as well as increase the amount of respect received from others. After all, a well-maintained vehicle is a sign that one has the time and wealth to be concerned about appearances, and that one can afford to do so. Of course, there are more practical reasons as to why car detailing is a choice investment. Car detailing can increase a vehicle’s lifespan because it can provide protection against factors such as contamination and oxidation. A vehicle that appears to be in good condition is also more likely to sell at a higher price, and so those considering selling their vehicle should be sure to have it properly taken care of so that it stays as attractive as it was when first bought.

Which Services are Best?

There are a multitude of car detailing services in the country, with a recent survey showing a high amount in California, Arizona, and Texas. In fact, in California alone there are nearly 4,000 car detailing businesses. The most cost-effective car detailing services are the ones offered at local car washes, but serious prospectors should consider visiting a detailing company for a wider variety of options. When choosing a detailer, it is imperative the service desired is being offered, for although services generally have the same basic components, there are differences between companies. As with any other service, it is always wise to view the reviews from past customers. They can assist in determining if a company is worth their prices. It is important to keep in mind that car detailing prices depend on the type of vehicle that the service is being provided for. One should also be sure to inquire about a group’s damage and lost item policies in order to guarantee security. A reputable dealer would have insurance to cover this, but it is always best to take pictures of one’s vehicles and to remove any items of value before the service. For the busy, there is the option of mobile car dealing services. These businesses have detailers who will go to the vehicle’s location to provide the same services that one would find at a regular car detailing company.

Industry Insight

The auto detailing industry’s market size is expected to increase by 2.3% in 2020. Overall, the industry has been doing well, with statistics showing a 3.6% per year average growth between 2015 and 2020. What drives the car detailing market is the amount of excess money the general populace has to spend. As the amount of disposable income is predicted to increase in the coming years, there is the possibility of an increased demand for the industry. As of now, the industry is a profitable one, with its market sizing measuring $12.6bn and it employing upwards of 200,000 people.

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