Is It Possible to Renovate an RV?

More than 9 million households in the United States have RVs. A recreational vehicle is a great thing to have. You can travel wherever you want while having everything you need with you. 

It is easy to set up at campsites and enjoy your time in new locations. But what if your RV is getting old? While getting a new one might be nice, it is also very expensive. 

So why not renovate an RV instead? Renovating your RV is a great choice if you don’t want to get a new one. You can make your old RV look new again. 

But what should you know about the RV renovation process? Keep reading and learn more about it below.

How Do You Remodel a Recreational Vehicle?

Many factors go into remodeling an RV. You may want to redo your RV because it’s getting old. But you may also want to redo it because you don’t like how it looks.

A straightforward way to remodel an RV is to change the walls and ceilings. The walls of an RV may become damaged over time when exposed to humidity. Showering in the RV all the time can increase the humidity inside the vehicle. 

This may cause the walls to soak up that humidity and get damaged. Mold and mildew may grow inside the walls as well.

You may also not like the look of the walls. They might be a color or pattern you don’t like.

Tearing out the walls isn’t difficult. The walls inside RVs are usually very thin and not very complex. A professional can easily fix the walls for you. 

If the walls are structurally sound, a professional can add new paint or wallpaper to give them a new look. A simple RV upgrade like that can change your RV’s vibe. 

The Details

The ceilings are also vulnerable to moisture damage. Tearing them out is similar to tearing out the walls. You can also paint them a different color for a new look. 

This can make your RV look modern and sleek. Another way to spruce up your RV is to change the floors. You can choose from tile, wood, laminate, and more. 

Different colors and floor patterns can make your RV look more interesting. It can also make it feel warmer and more like home while you’re on the road. Most professionals will recommend vinyl for RV floors. 

This is because vinyl floors are one of the most durable options around. They will last a long time and they look luxurious, too. Replacing the floors is a big job and it may take some time. 

It isn’t a good idea to replace the floors if you plan on leaving with your RV right away. It is best to give the professionals plenty of time to work on it so they do it right.

Vinyl floors are also easy to clean. This is because they don’t attract or trap dirt and debris. There are also many color options to choose from. 

Other Upgrades to Consider

Changing the cabinets inside your RV will make it look like a completely different vehicle. A professional RV service and maintenance company can help you with that. Most RVs have very plain cabinets. 

They may not be very attractive or interesting. But remodeling your RV allows you to make the cabinets look how you want. A common way of doing this is painting the cabinets. 

The cabinets need to be prepared first or the paint won’t stick. Painting them gives them a very smooth and modern look. You can also leave them unpainted if you prefer a more rustic vibe from your RV. 

Changing the furniture can also make your RV look much better. If your RV is several years old, the furniture might be outdated. This might leave the inside of your RV an eyesore. 

Old furniture might also be stained, worn out, or bleached by the sun. This will make the furniture less pleasant to look at.

It isn’t too hard to replace the furniture inside an RV. There are also many options you can choose from. Changing the chairs and couches will make a big difference. 

What You Need to Know

You can opt for something modern and sleek like fake leather. Changing the tables and countertops can be fun, too. Don’t forget about the details like the curtains. 

Curtains are perfect for accenting the inside of your RV. You can choose unique colors and patterns to make the drapes pop. The right drapes can also bring the look of your RV together. 

Make sure that the furniture you buy fits inside the RV. You might fall in love with a couch only to find that it is impossible to get it inside the RV. Consider repairing certain parts of your RV.

Older RVs likely have something wrong with them. It is important to let a professional take a look and see if there are any serious problems. This ensures that your RV not only looks good but functions well.

You can then enjoy your next RV trip in style.

Why You Should Renovate an RV

It is very possible to renovate an RV and it’s a great idea too. Renovating an RV is perfect if you don’t want to buy a new one. You can make your RV look new by replacing various things inside it. 

You can also make sure the RV functions properly with a few repairs. To learn more about it, check out the other content on our site.

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