Is Modular Helmet Safe for Biker?

Modular helmets are the first choice for regular bike riding. But the question is, can it provide the rider enough safety?

Well, it depends a lot on how you ride a bike. Driving a bike while relentlessly wearing a modular helmet can only increase the risk of accident and injury.

When you keep the usual speed of your bike, it can keep you safe from more minor injuries. Although still there is a “but.” Because if something fast hits you, a modular helmet will fail to save you from loss.

These little pieces of information are not enough to understand how safe a modular helmet is. So let’s look at the explanation and factors to have a clear concept.

How Safe Is a Modular Helmet?

A modular helmet is one of the four prime helmets. The other three are flip-up, system, and full-face helmets.

Unfortunately, most offered bikers use modular helmets for their availability and less value. It performs a positive job, but, of course, it is not safe.

An immense number of modular helmet users get badly injured every year for not providing enough safety. Unlike the full-face helmets, modular lack the strength to keep themselves closed when an accident occurs.

They get opened easily on impact and cause damage to the bike rider. Although a damaged modular helmet can still get closed and locked, a sudden impact can make them open again.

What generally happens is the catches over the opening shot get delayed for load and almost spring back. So now, you can sense it’s not a safe option.

Which Helmet Is Safest for Use?

Now that you are informed that a modular helmet is unsafe, you probably want to know which helmet can give you the most safety security.

First, let us tell you a full-face helmet is considered safest. Therefore racers wear it to keep them safe from extreme damage.

Out of all the other helmets, full-face helmets offer additional protection to your face and chin. Besides, it works like a shelter from bugs, noise, wind, sun, cold, rain, stones.

With a visor full-face helmet, you don’t need glasses. A full-face helmet is ideal for riding  bikes for 300 lbs man.

What Advantages A Modular Helmet Provides?

Modular helmets are indeed unsafe but not useless. They can contribute to some advantages too. We are about to explain to you the good side and benefits of a modular helmet.

Perfect To Use Daily

The reason behind why we pick a modular helmet is because it’s amiable. We meant, to get in shops, having wee chats or entering petrol stations you don’t necessarily have to take off the helmet.

Simpler To Wear

Raising the helmet’s chin bar is more straightforward, so putting it on or taking off is more accessible. Some modularity comes with the micrometric closure feature. For which wearing the helmet becomes more uncomplicated.


Modular helmet targets your convenience, hence all of them have air inlets. Wearing it helps a lot in soft padding and easy operating of the bike. A good number of them proffer sun visor while some others offer an intercom preinstallation.


Soundproofing is another best service of modular helmets. It contains a low aerodynamic efficiency, for why you hear less from the outside. This feature allows you to put extra focus on your bike riding journey.


Price is a significant factor why most people tend to buy modular helmets. They are not cheap but affordable, and production materials are never compromised.

However, some brands rate their product at a high price because they use premium quality materials.

Can Modular Helmets Be Quiet?

Of course, plenty of different models of modular helmets offer quiet helmets. But, unfortunately, many helmets make noise inside of the helmet that hampers a rider’s focus. For this reason, many bikers now prefer quiet helmets.

Though the price range varies a little, it still doesn’t cost you much extra money. A professional biker’s choice is a quiet modular helmet.

Final Words

The helmet is a part of our bike riding, which we can’t deny. It acts as a protector to bike riding. However, to ensure your safety, choosing the right type of helmet has the most significant impact.

Now that you know modular helmets are not safe for bikers, the decision is up to you whether you want to use them or not.

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