Junk for Cash: 3 Things to Know Before You Scrap a Car

The automotive recycling industry contributes an astonishing $25billion to the US economy every calendar year.

If you’re thinking about scrapping your own vehicle though, you may not know all the processes that are involved. To scrap a car involves cutting it into pieces and the parts are then sold off for recycling. 

Although, there are a few handy things you need to know before you scrap a car. In this article, we will give you 3 things to consider when selling a car for scrap metal. 

1. Have Your Documentation Ready 

Selling a car for scrap doesn’t mean you can just turn up at a junkyard and allow the scrappers to take it off your hands.

You’ll need photo identification and the deeds and paperwork to show you are the owner of the vehicle that’s being scrapped.

The scrapyard buyer will need to cross-check and confirm that you’re the owner of the vehicle with these documents before anything further can take place.

After you’ve scrapped your car, it might be that you need to buy another vehicle. Read more here to find out about how to buy secondhand cars. 

2. Find Out About Additional Requirements

Each junkyard will have its own set of rules and procedures for scrapping cars. Speak with the owner about anything else you might need to do when bringing your car in to be scrapped. 

It might be that you need to give in your keys beforehand at a certain time or that you need to park the car in a particular area or place.

Make sure to be prepared and know all these details in advance so you aren’t left in the dark or thrown off by any new information.

Checking their website and their FAQs can be helpful if you are ever unsure about what to do. 

3. Strip Your Car and Number Plates 

One of the common things that people forget to do when scrapping a car is to actually remove their personal items from it before it’s scrapped. And you definitely can’t get those items back afterwards!

Check all the side pockets, your console, the boot, the glove compartment, and under the seats when you’re clearing out your car. It’s amazing what slips down or gets forgotten about in a vehicle when you are using it. 

After a good and comprehensive search, it’s time to remove your number plates from the vehicle.

If you are buying another car after this one, you can usually just transfer the plates over to the new vehicle which will save you some money. It’s a waste to leave your old plates on your scrapped car when they can be reused. 

Knowing How to Scrap a Car

When you scrap a car, it’s because that car would take more money to get fixed than it’s worth in scrap. This is especially the case in older cars that have a history of problems and are not functioning properly anymore.

Selling a car for scrap metal is a great way to receive some money for a car that can’t be sold to another buyer. Check out the scrap metal dealers in your area to find out more. 

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