Krown Rust Protection: Canada’s Best Rust Protection

As Canada’s top selling rust protector, with over 300,000 vehicles treated each year, Krown Rust Protection creates a barrier between a piece of metal and surrounding elements, protecting the metal from rust. Krown Rust Protection’s barrier cannot be broken, chipped, or cracked, providing lasting rust protection, even in harsh conditions. Best of all, it is also environmentally friendly.

The high-tech inverta-spray technology allows Krown Rust Protection to apply industry leading rust protection to all types of vehicles, machinery, and various electrical connections.

Krown Rust Protection

In addition to protecting against rust, Krown lubricates moving parts and protects electrical connections.

2018 research by the University of Windsor’s engineering faculty revealed that untreated vehicles had 6.8 times more visible corrosion on their body panels than those protected by Krown Rust Control treatments. For the underbody, untreated vehicles were 3.6 times more corroded.

Costs and Where to Purchase Krown Rust Protection

Krown Rust Protection and Lubricant is available at various Canadian in-store and online retailers starting at $10 CAD.

Other products include Krown Penetrant, Krown Chain Lube, and Krown Salt Eliminator.

For clients short on time, many Krown businesses also offer complete Krown applications by their trained professionals. Krown Rust applications for 2 to 4 door cars of any make or model begin at $120 CAD and take 45 minutes to an hour.

For 4 door minivans, $130 CAD is standard and takes 45 minutes to an hour.

For small or medium, and large SUVs, Krown Rust Protection can be applied for approximately $130 CAD and takes 45 minutes to an hour as well.

2 door pickups are approximately $130 CAD, while 3 to 4 door pickups are $140 CAD. Both take approximately 45 minutes to an hour for application.

Finally, full sized vans are $140 CAD and also take 45 minutes to an hour.

Krown Rust Protection Uses

Krown Rust Protection has various uses, including automotive and home uses.

For home uses, Krown Rust Protection protects vehicles, watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs, trailers, lawnmowers and snow blowers, trailers and boats, tractors, garage door hinges, hitches, hinges, and latches, lights and wiring, farm equipment, barbecues, motors, electrical parts, hand tools, marine equipment, and virtually anything metal that needs to be protected from rust, or be lubricated.

For automotive uses, Krown Rust Protection protects electrical connections, body panels, spot welds and seams, brake cables and slack adjusters, dollie legs and levers, parts storage, as well as all moving parts, and almost any metal that may corrode.

Krown Rust Protection Benefits

Krown Rust Protection provides various benefits. These include higher resale value, as vehicles treated annually with Krown Rust Protection are in better condition than those left untreated. A rust-free vehicle, especially when it is a bit older, will get clients the maximum value in sales or trade-ins.

Another benefit is decreased repair costs, as repairing rust damage is expensive. Fortunately, annual treatment by Krown Rust Protection prevents this problem. Rust is unable to damage the vehicle’s structure and body panels, as well as the electrical system. By keeping the electrical wiring from corroding, Krown Rust Protection increases the vehicle’s life, as well as preventing expensive vehicle rewiring repairs.

Krown Rust Protection also offers the benefit of a safer, better-looking vehicle. Rust is known to weaken a vehicle’s structural elements over the years, compromising the vehicles structure and safety. In addition, rust often reveals a vehicle’s age. By using Krown Rust Protection, one’s vehicle looks newer, longer.

Finally, Krown Rust Protection ensure a longer vehicle life, saving clients money. Although most Canadians are known to buy 10 to 12 vehicles in their lifetime, being able to use one’s vehicle for longer will save money on the purchase of new vehicles, as well as depreciation costs.

Other Krown Services

Krown Rust Control businesses also often offer other services in addition to Krown Rust Protection. These include window tinting, detailing services, Line-X bed liners, and paint protection.

In addition, Krown offers salt eliminator services, cleaning products, as well as night vision packages.

With its many uses and known benefits, Krown Rust Protection remains Canada’s top rust protection product. Do not hesitate to contact one of the many in-store or online retailers for more details.

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