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Lamborghini Urus SUV The World’s 1st Super Sports Utility Vehicle. Identifiable As an official Lamborghini With its Unmistakable DNA Urus Is at The Equal Time a Groundbreaking Car; The Fantastic Proportions the real Lamborghini urus interior Design & the excellent Performance Make it completely Unique. Urus Distinctive shape with a Dynamic Flying coupe line Shows its Super Sports Origins While its excellent Proportions Convey power solidity & safety. Ur achievement factors Are definitely the Design the Driving Dynamics & the Performance. All These Features Allowed Lamborghini to Launch a Super Sports Utility Vehicle Remaining Loyal to Its DNA.

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Under the cover is the 1st Turbocharged generator always to Be installed in a Production Lamborghini,& the 1st V-8 in various Decades. It Shares its 4.0, liter Displacement & twin Turbochargers with the V-8 Installed in Many other Volkswagen Group Products But Lamborghini urus specs insist That the Design is its Own, a Claim increased by the V-8 Distinctive sound. Output Sits at 641 Horsepower & 627 LB, FT of Torque, any Number next To sports Utes only to The Decidedly lower, rent, 707, HP Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The Urus more will Eventually Debut Lamborghini’s 1st Hybrid Drivetrain Although we do Not yet Know any Details About The Gas, electric Model.

The foundations of the Urus are Not as Distinctly Italian As its V,8 as it Shares The Volkswagen Group MLB Platform Used in The Audi Q7  The Porsche cayenne  & the Bentley bentayga. At 201.3 Inches long  & riding on a 118.2, inch Wheelbase, the Urus is 1.7, inches Longer than the Q7 & 7.4 inches longer Than The Cayenne turbo. And at 64.5 inches High & 79.4 inches Wide, the Urus is Quite a Bit lower & wider than the Q7 & the Cayenne. Lamborghini Assures us That the Urus Will Outperform Each of those Corporate Cousins with a Claimed Top Speed of 190 MPH 3 MPH Higher than the Bentayga  & a Reported 0-to-62-MPH time of 3.6 Seconds. The Exterior Despite the car’s Height & its 5 doors is still Undeniably Lamborghini urus price. There’s The Same Y, graphics in its Headlights as its Supercar Siblings just it’s Been Flipped Horizontally for the Urus. There’s Also the Sharp Angles & Creases that Adorn the Huracan & Aventador all Over Urus Bodywork  There is Not a Square Foot that is Not split Up by Converging files or an Abrupt Crease. It’s Far From Subtle as a Lamborghini Urus cost Should be.

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When it Goes on buying in The United States Late Next Year the Urus Will Share Space with The Huracán At the Entry level End of The Lamborghini Lineup as that will Start at Roughly the Same $200,000 As that V,10 Supercar. A Vast Expansion Of Lamborghini urus for sale Factory in its Hometown of Sant, Agata Bolognese  Italy  Already Has been Completed to Create the Urus As the Company Expects to Considerably Increase its Annual generation Output With The SUV Addition to its Portfolio. After All, Among Luxury Brands super, SUV Are all the Rage Right Now & the Italian Is Shaping up to Be 1 of the Most Super of All.


Manufacturer;    Lamborghini Automobili S.P.A

Production;         Feb 2018,present

Model years;       2018, present

Assembly;           Sant Agata Bolognese- Italy

Designer;              Mitja Borkert, 1,

Body & Chassis;

Class    Mid, Size Luxury Crossover SUV

Body style;          Five, door SUV

Layout; Longitudinal F4 Layout

Platform;           VW MLBevo

Related;              Audi Q 7

Audi Q 8


Engine;    4.0 L FSI Twin,turbo V-8

Transmission;    8,Speed ZF 8HP70 Automatic


Wheelbase;    3,002 MM 118.2 in,

Length;    5,113 MM 201.3 in,

Width;    2,017 MM 79.4 in,

Height;   1,638 MM 64.5 in,

Curb weight ;   2,200 Kg 4,850 LBS


Predecessor;    Lamborghini LM002

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