Lit Motors C1 Hybrid Motor Bike Car And Features

C-1 electric motorbike developed by Lit Motors located in California. Remarkably, a team of scientists has declared that at the end of 2014 it may make into production. Beside this, Lit Motors C1 price in Pakistan can also be developing freight scooter and foldable scooter for transport of goods.

lit motors c1 cost

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The Lit motors c-1 utilizes electrical drive and offers a battery package able of 200 miles 321 km/h” from a single charge, as well as getting to a top-notch speed of more than 120 miles per hour (193 km/h) – far faster than most electric cars in the marketplace today. It provides different online connectivity choices such as H2C, H2V, V2V, and V2I simply because of which the vehicle and rider each can stay alert about the traffic & adverse climate conditions and design their route accordingly.

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Powered by electrical batteries, the C-1 has an array of 200 kilometers on a full charge. Also, in a Tron-esque design thrive, discs of light shine from the tire hubs illustrating the electric center engines. The C1 is also prepared with connectivity to smartphones that notify of the motorist of treacherous weather or visitors conditions.

lit motors c1 price in pakistan

Consider the lit motors c1 price. It offers two tires; it also has doors along with controls. It uses gyroscopes and electrical engines to keep its equilibrium. LIT Motors promises the C1 can perform numerous bike-like issues – including divided lanes and recreation area in a correct angle towards the road between cars – but its encased cabin ought to impart a feel which is more car than the motorbike.

lit motors c1 price

The back area is large enough to accommodate a passenger or about as much cargo as you can carry on a plane. The ‘C-1’ is considered a motorbike, enabling the motorist to split lanes and easily slip through traffic, reducing up to 50Percent off travel occasions. And when reaching a destination, the driver can park in the tiniest areas-even motorbike-specific car parking.

lit motors c1 2014

Lit motors c1 specification:

The year: 2014
Model: C-1
Top Speed: 118 mph
car fuel: electric cars
Make: Lit Motors
Horsepower @ RPM:54
0-100 time:7 sec.
car segment: green vehicles
body style: coupe

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