Make Your Car Look Brand New with Jim’s Car Detailing Services

Would you like your car to look brand new? Are you tired of seeing grease and scratches all over it? No matter how thorough you are when it comes to washing the filthy dirt off your vehicle, Unfortunately, it would not suffice. You need to get a specialized service like the one offered by Jim’s Car Detailing to give your car a make-over. This article will enlighten you on what is often included in the process and if it is a worthy investment.

Make Your Car Look Brand New

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is the intensive cleaning of your vehicle from top-to-bottom and inside-out. One of the results of this service is the restoration of your car’s paintwork by removing its oxidation, swirl marks, and scratches. Professionals do this by using an automotive clay bar and a polishing machine. Additionally, you can expect that all the filth on your wheels, lug nuts and brake clippers will be removed. Waxing is also done to provide your vehicle with added protection and make it look shiny. At the end of the process, your vehicle will look like it is brand new. 

As for the inside of your car, professionals will look under your vehicle’s hood to clean it. This area, called the engine bay, is important in ensuring that your car’s mechanical components remain unobstructed. Aside from spraying it with water and wiping it with a degreaser, they will also dress all the plastic, silicone, and rubber components to protect these parts from cracking.

Some of the inside parts of your car that get cleaned are your trunk, seats, and carpets. In addition to vacuuming, they will also go through scrubbing, deep brushing, and steam cleaning. These processes will remove unwanted stains and marks. A quality car paint sealant will also be applied to your interior to give it a glossy finish. When all looks good as new, the last thing your detailer would do is apply perfume inside it so your car will be smelling nice after the service.

What is the cost?

The cost of car detailing will depend on how extensive the service is. Carwash shops like Jim’s Car Detailing services include a range of options such as full detail, cut and polish, interior detail, exterior detail, and mini detail. As indicated in the shop’s list of services, you can opt to have partial cleaning options. It is highly advised though to get the all-inclusive packages as this is cheaper than getting each service separately. Typically, an all-inclusive package includes antibacterial spray application, tire dressing, wheel cleaning, and machine cut and polish on top of the usual car wash. 

Is it worth it?

One of the benefits of detailing your car is that it adds value to your vehicle. If you are thinking of selling it, investing in this service can significantly increase its price. Another reason to invest in this service is that it provides additional protection to your car. The extra coating included in its package would go a long way. It does not just make your car shiny, but it also makes it less susceptible to scratches. Finally, riding on a car that looks brand new is very satisfying. If you cannot afford a new one, car detailing is the next best option to make you feel like you have just bought a car.

You will not regret investing in a car detailing service. Businesses that offer these like Jim’s Car Detailing are often very thorough with their work. Do not be surprised if you will not notice your vehicle when it gets out of the car detailing area! 

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