Maruti Wagon R Flex-Fuel Features And Price

2025 Maruti Wagon R

2025 Maruti Suzuki is a city car manufactured, designed, and marketed by Maruti Suzuki over a wide range of cities. The wagon R car is produced in India and is exported to many countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, etc. The new model is larger and bolder than the previous generations and offers the best value for money, well a spacious interior comprised of 7 seats which is enough for a family ride or on tours and is best for entertainment purposes.

Its design looks more amazing, premium and valuable in the market. Some most peculiar transitions are from the gasoline to the electric version which would particularly be more difficult. Transitioning from fuel engines to electric ones some times very advantageous and sometimes disadvantageous depending on cost and efficiency. Maruti’s New product Wagon R vxi which was debuted in 2020, offers reduced fuel waste with less production of pollution.

Maruti Wagon R External Features

Maruti Suzuki on road price is developing its new 7 seater Wagon R whose cost is comparable to the Grand i10. Because the customers always demand large-sized cabins with unique arrangements. The Wagon R has a sleek and dynamic exterior with an aerodynamic style.

The body’s contour lines seem to be very interesting which enhances its sporty look. The body’s curve lines give it an extra vagant shape and its design does not affect its interior space. Its front bold and split headlight arrangements are designed to increase the lighting effect even in dark light. The front bold grill, smooth bonnet and large alloy wheels with maximum grip on the ground are applied for this version which grabs attention of its viewers.

Maruti Wagon R Internal Features

It comes out with decorated interior portion with a lot of amenities and fluctuation in design. The interior is made up of fantastic materials. It uses premium upholstery. The cabin looks sophisticated with a spacious design and modern equipment. It has been furnished with automatic climate control and ventilated seats which provide fresh air inside the cabin. Its thoughtful design, premium upholstery, high-quality materials, and advanced technology make the passenger feel relaxed and peaceful throughout their journey.

Maruti Wagon R Connectivity Features

The vehicle features a 7-inch infotainment screen with a four-speaker music system having audio video compatibility, bluetooth and navigation commands helps the rider ro access the location very easily. The riders or passengers gets attached with the peaceful environment provided for their amusement.

Maruti Wagon R Engine Options

The Maruti Wagon R cng comes with 4 or 5 engine options including four petrol and one CNG variant. Two of these options use 1.0L and 1.2 L petrol engines with 5 speed manual as well as automatic transmission producing abient power of 675PS with 89Nm of torque for smooth and efficeint working of every variant.

Maruti Wagon R Safety Equipment

Maruti Ensures the safety and security of its products with necessary equipments like rear cameras, brake assist, lane departure assist, Automatic brake control , Electronic brake Distribution and rear sensors etc.

Maruti Wagon R Price

Maruti Wagon R Price is a very environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient product. It is available in an affordable price range like Rs 5.54Lakhs -7.42Lakhs. The budget-conscious buyers can easily purchase it.