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Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2019 announced the new features and changes across their lineup of luxury vehicles. The biggest feature and change is found with the addition of the SEDEN 560E. Mercedes-Benz S-Class black is the plug-in hybrid vehicle that is equipped with the 7.2 KW chargers for high speed charging. This vehicle is powered by 360 Horse Power, V6 spark ignition engine that is paired with 90 KW electric DC motor. The 13.6 KWH lithium ion batteries offer drivers to estimate all electric range of the 25 miles. Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2 door includes 2 new steering wheel options: an AMG Wood Leather steering wheel and AMG carbon fiber DINAMIC performance steering wheel.

306825_2018_Mercedes-Benz_S-Class  Mercedes-Benz S-Class interior is the luxurious and powerful model that has vast features. The one of the best new high technology safety feature offers the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class inside is distronic plus. This innovative feature will make your drive very easier and safer. It keeps you reading and learning more about the innovative safety feature from Mercedes-benz. This highest tech system uses radar technology to monitor the distance between vehicle ahead of you and your vehicle. Mercedes-Benz S-Class wallpaper will adjust your speed automatically and adapt to the current flow of traffic. The system also has the ability to brake the vehicle to a full stop auto and resume when traffic picks up.

2018_mercedes_benz_s_class_coupe_cabriolet_05-0906Mercedes-Benz S-Class used ranges the maximum comforts and convenience catering to passengers like no other vehicle can do. It also contains massaging and inclining executive rear seat. It offers individual power seats with calf rests and optional folding tables for your work. It has comfortable finest stitching material and color combinations. Mercedes-Benz S-Class for sale has two engine options: the S 560 offers 4.0 L v8 engine to get 480 horse power and 516 lB torque. The other one has 6.0 V12 bi-turbo engine with 738 LB fit and 621 horse power.

mercedes benz s class inside

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