Most Wanted Car Detailing Services

Do you want to make your car look good as new? Then you may want to consider car detailing services. While any average person can detail their car by cleaning it as best they can inside and out, a professional detailer with the right products and techniques can make it look really fantastic.

Below are the common services that car detailers offer and are very popular:

  • Exterior wash and dry: The washing and drying is done carefully by hand. The car detailer sprays and wipes down the car body with special products. This includes a hand wash of the rims, glass, and door handles.
  • Paint claying: The detailer uses a clay bar to get rid of road contaminants, overspray, or residue left after you have the car washed. Claying gives the car a smoother and cleaner look and will enhance the effectiveness of wax and polish.
  • Polishing: Polishing puts an abrasive compound onto the paint of your car to get rid of small layers of clear coat. This will make tiny scratches and swirls in your paint go away.
  • Sealing and waxing: To provide the car a really glossy shine and to better protect the car’s pain, a good sealant is applied.

For the interior of the car, these services are provided:

  • Vacuuming: A professional vacuuming is done on the seats, carpets, mats, rear cargo space, headliner, and trunk.
  • Brushing and scrubbing: This is done to get rid of stains on mats and floor carpets.
  • Steam cleaning: Steam cleaning is better to remove the toughest stains on seats and carpets.
  • Glass cleaning: A deep cleaning of the windows and windshield.
  • Leather trimming: A special leather cleaner and soap are used to give a deep clean to any leather parts of the interior.
  • Perfuming: Many good detailers spray a deodorant into the inside of the car so it smells new and clean.

These are additional popular services that some people like in their car detailing:

  • Paint correction: This special process removes flaws from the top layer of the paintwork such as dull paint or oxidation. Most car detailers will use a rotary machine polisher.
  • Ceramic coating: A liquid polymer that is put on the exterior of the car to put a protective layer on the paint. This may be an alternative to a premium wax job.

All of these great services can be yours with a good car detailing, so try it today!

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