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Motorcycle Insurance Everyone Must Know

Motorcyclists are most at risk of accidents on the road than other driving trucks and cars. Motorcyclists are likely to be injured and killed. Motorcycle Insurance progressive is meant to provide financial protection to you in case of damage, accident, theft, damage or complete loss. According to the safety authority and national highway, motorcycle accidents cost almost $20 million annually. Most of it fits used in medical assistance, medical bills, emergency services, rehabilitation and more. Motorcycle Insurance cost covers Segways, crotch rockets, mopeds and even street bikes.

Motorcycle Insurance

The standard Motorcycle Insurance policy will cover you some part of the cost held by damage to your bike. Motorcycle Insurance will also provide some financial compensation when you cause bodily harm to another person or property. Car insurance review

There are basically 2 type of insurance Basic and Special.

The Basic Insurance Coverage of your Motorcycle Insurance covers the cost of the following below.

  • Half replacement of your motorcycle in case of it gets demolish completely
  • If you are willing for the comprehensive coverage then the Insurance company will pay for damage or loss total due to collision that causes from hail, water damage and animals.
  • This basic policy also includes medical payment in case you get hospitalized except of ICU
  • You can also upgrade your policy so that you can cover some more liabilities from the company

Special Insurance Coverage:

motorcycle insurance progressive

Personal Injury Protection:

In this type of coverage you may utilize the things such as physical therapy, medical bills, psychiatric visits and other costs or if you are injured in an accident whether you are in a fault or not.

Medical Payments:

This type of policy also covers the costs that are related to an accident but it less comprehensive than VIP PIP coverage (advance Policy).

Replacement Value:

This option will cover the full replacement cost of your motorcycle than its original value rather than depreciation. The Insurance Company is also considered to replace and upgrade value coverage if you have added special features to your bike.

Underinsured/ Uninsured Motorist:

Such like auto insurance, this addition in your insurance will protect you in the event of an accident with someone who does not have sufficient insurance to cover your damages.

Trip Interruption:

If your bike breaks down when you are miles from home, trip interruption insurance will cover lodging, food and alternate transportation until your bike is up for running again.

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Custom Parts/ Accessories and Equipments:

If you had purchased optional parts, equipments and accessories for your bike than this is the additional benefit that will provide the unique coverage the you need to protect the total package.

Does Motorcycle Insurance cover the Passengers?

This is the type of facility that is provided in advance policy called VIP PIP. This policy is can only be implemented for the elite type of bikes. In VIP PIP coverage Motorcycle Insurance companies will cover yourself as well as the passenger in the event of collision take place.

Insurance Procedure for Stolen and Destroyed bikes:

One of the most important things to understand about your Motorcycle Insurance allstate is how you pay out if your bike is stolen or destroyed. There are several types of settlements like.

  • Actual Cash Value: It pays out the cash of what is of your bike worth, your deductible and depreciation.
  • Agreed value: It pays the amount of the insurance company that you are agreed on when you bought the policy. The amount is fixed and has no deductible that are taken from the claim checks. The bike owners are usually offered with the agreed value or state amount of coverage.
  • Stated Amount: It pays the amount that you set when you bought the policy.

Motorcycle Insurance Checklist:

While reviewing the whole article, now you come to know the importance of Motorcycle Insurance, You now have to prepare yourself to get a new quote. Here is a list of several things that the company general agent will require.

  • Type of coverage
  • Motorcycle details
  • Riding history including the driver course test and dates
  • Personal details like annual mileage, occupation, age and home address

For more information we can guide you for making excellent Motorcycle Insurance choice to protect your maximum investment.


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