New Honda CG 125 Price In Pakistan

Honda CG 125 New Model

Honda CG 125 2024 is the most elegant and dynamic designed motorbike manufactured by Japanese Honda Company in 1976-2008 and after some years it was exported to Pakistan and Atlas Honda started its production in Pakistan in 1992. Honda CG 125 modified is the first ever fuel-efficient, environment-friendly, quicker, and faster version. As time passed, there were a lot of changes in its exterior design, engine, handlebars, carburetors, and other specifications.

honda cg 125 engine

Atlas Honda introduced its new version in 2024 with many modifications and improvements in its structure. It was much popularized by its high-performance engine, advanced carburetor setting, and new-style exhaust muffler. The body styling and advanced technical features attract its viewers and win the hearts of enthusiasts. It was a unique feature of Japanese products being superior to all. Just after its production, the consumers need its oil changed regularly otherwise it does not perform well. To overcome this deficiency the New Model Honda 125 manufactures new air filters and overhead valves.

Due to its stylish design and greater performance, it was considered a ” Style icon “. Due to its best engine and suspension, it offers an easy and comfortable ride to the riders on all types of roads. This model of Honda is powered by a four-stroke OHC 125cc engine using a 4-speed mesh transmission that can generate ambient torque which increases the engine’s power and performance. The modified and redesigned version is available in red and black color.

Honda CG 125 Unique Design and Mechanical Specifications:

Honda CG 125 New Model comes out with a very simple, elegant, extraordinary decent, and unique styling at a very reasonable price. Since 1976 its production has continued throughout the century, even today it is the best roadster ever. Its charming silencer has another beauty it offers to Honda Customers. The new version came out with a modified engine Euro engine, a new color combination, and a new less noisy exhaust with a muffler for the removal of extra particulate gases. Its sleek design, new stickers, curves in the fuel tank, modified instrument cluster, seat bar for protection, and overall performance are liked by Honda 125 lovers.

Honda CG 125 2024

Honda offers high performance and durability over long distances. The front wheel is incredibly larger than the rear wheel and has a larger rake angle than the normal bikes which provides excessive grip on the road and its telescopic fork with mono shock absorber improved its suspension system. It comes out with a seat height of 764mm so that the average height person can easily handle it. The front LED headlight has halogen lighting to increase visibility criteria. The front handlebars, front telescopic fork, and bulky wheel size provide a fabulous and astonishing view that inspires its viewers. The central console is comprised of a TFT display which controls many functions. It also has various advanced safety instruments to offer secure driving to the rider.

Honda CG 125 engine, power, and performance:

honda cg 125 engine

Honda CG 125 petrol average per litre is powered by a four-stroke liquid-cooled engine with 125cc engine displacement that can generate 11.0hp at 8500rpm which is coupled with 9.0Nm torque at the rate of 7500rpm. This engine produces ambient power to drive the Bike very smoothly and comfortably on all types of roads. It has achieved its maximum speed of 100km/h.

Price of Honda CG 125:

For 2023, the starting price of the Honda CG 125 is PKR 234,900.

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