On Budget: 10 Handy Tips for Cutting Your Car Insurance Costs

Auto insurance is mandated and required by most states. Each state establishes its own requirements beyond standard auto liability coverage to prevent losses during auto accidents. The insurance must provide at least coverage for victim involved in an accident caused by the policyholder. All automobiles that are financed using an auto loan must have full coverage or the driver could face a repossession of the vehicle. Reviewing 10 handy tips for cutting car insurance costs guides drivers to more affordable coverage.

10 Handy Tips for Cutting Your Car Insurance Costs

1. Get Free Quotes for Different Coverage Levels

Shopping around helps auto owners compare rates for their car insurance coverage. It also helps them assess different coverage levels and see what policies are more affordable for their insurance needs. Most insurance companies can provide a free quote by collecting information from the policyholder and generating a list of premiums according to the owner’s preferences. Auto owners can start their search for more cost-effective insurance by visiting rogerbutlerinsurance.com right now.

2. Maintain a Safe Driving Record

Maintaining a safe driving record lowers the premiums the auto owner pays each month for their insurance. If the policyholders are unfamiliar with all traffic laws, now is a great time to educate themselves to avoid any violations. Staying focused on road signs as they travel prevents the drivers from getting speeding tickets.

Planning their routes based on high-traffic areas can also contribute to staying safer on the road. Most auto insurance providers will present the policyholder with a safe driver discount for each year the driver avoids tickets and traffic violations. They can also get more incentives if they aren’t involved in any auto accidents for up to three years of having their policy.

3. Lower the Coverage Level for Older Vehicles

Lowering the coverage level for older vehicles helps control the cost of insurance, too. After a vehicle is at least ten years old, it isn’t necessary to maintain the fullest coverage for the vehicle. It has depreciated in value and won’t present a higher-than-average insurance premium. Unless the vehicle is financed through an auto loan, the owner isn’t required to purchase comprehensive and collision coverage. They can purchase the minimum coverage level and pay far less for their insurance each month.

4. Maintain Higher Credit Scores

Maintaining higher credit scores helps consumers get better rates for their auto insurance. Insurers evaluate customers according to their credit scores and their ability to pay their premiums on time. If the auto owner has a lower-than-average credit score, they will pay more for their insurance premiums each month. It is recommended that consumers watch over their credit scores and pay off smaller debts to keep their scores higher than average. They will get far more discounts on their insurance if the policyholder has better credit.

5. Increase Your Deductibles

Increasing the deductibles on the policy can lower their monthly premiums dramatically. Paying a higher deductible means that the policyholder will pay more initially if an accident happens and they must file an insurance claim. This makes their monthly premiums far more affordable and keeps their rates at an all-time low. However, it is possible for their premiums to increase if the driver has an accident and must use their insurance policy.

6. Get Multi-Policy Discounts

Multi-policy discounts are available to consumers that have more than one policy with an insurer. For example, they can add their auto and homeowner’s insurance together through a preferred provider and lower their overall premiums. Some consumers use umbrella policies to cover their automobiles, home, vacation properties, and boats. This generates a great discount and savings for the consumer. Shopping around to get a multi-poilcy discount helps the consumers lower their monthly expenses and get more out of their policies.

7. Add More Than One Vehicle to the Policy

Adding more than one vehicle to the policy lowers the premiums for all parties on the insurance. If there are several household members who drive, the policyholder can add all the drivers and their vehicles on one policy. However, these household members must be related to be added to the policy. Policyholders cannot add their roommates to their insurance just to get the discount. All individuals listed on the policy must live in the same home.

8. Complete Defensive Driving Courses

Completing defensive driving courses prepares drivers for potential hazards on the road. Learning how to react quickly to potential issues when driving can lower the risk of an auto accident. It is highly recommended that teen drivers complete these courses to lower their risks. Any teen driver that has completed the course gets discounts, and their parents don’t pay the highest premiums for the younger driver’s insurance coverage.

9. Get Discounts for Lower Mileage

Getting discounts for lower mileage means that individuals that work from home and don’t drive their vehicle as often get more discounts. Drivers can also lower their premiums by carpooling to work with co-workers. This can give all parties involved a much-needed discount on their insurance coverage. Studies show drivers that don’t travel as often in their vehicle can save considerably on their insurance premiums each month.

10. Discounts for Students With High GPAs

Students with high-grade point averages can qualify for more discounts on their auto insurance. However, it is necessary for the parents to present the insurer with the teen driver’s grades every term to get the discount. Typically, the discount is available for all students who achieve at least a 3.0 GPA each term.

Auto owners must purchase at least auto liability coverage for their vehicles to comply with state laws. The insurance coverage must provide the right limits according to state laws and mandates. Drivers that do not have auto insurance pay hefty fines and might lose the registration for their automobile. Auto insurance costs can be controlled by understanding what discounts are available to the drivers. For example, safe drivers get more discounts, and drivers over the age of 25 will get automatic discounts due to their age. Exploring all discounts lowers the cost of insuring any vehicle and protecting an owner’s investment.

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