A Truck Accident Involving a Defect Tire: Who Is at Fault?

Because of their sheer size alone, trucks can be a formidable enemy when it comes to vehicular crashes. When a truck collides with a much smaller vehicle, serious injuries and damages can result. Sometimes, truck accidents are not the fault of the driver but are caused by defective equipment. It is important to know who can be held responsible when a trucking accident is caused by defective tires.

What Causes a Defective Tire?

A defective tire can be dangerous on the open road, especially when mounted on an eighteen-wheeler. When someone is injured because of a defective tire, they should learn about their rights for seeking compensation by meeting with a personal injury lawyer. The following are some common signs a tire is defective.

· The sidewalls are cracked or damaged.

· The tread is low and uneven.

· The tires are underinflated.

· There is vibration when driving.

Causes a Defective Tire

Who Is at Fault When a Tire Defect Leads to a Truck Accident?

After an accident with an eighteen-wheeler, it can sometimes be difficult to determine fault. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 730 deaths occur each year because of tire-related issues. With large trucks having multiple tires, they are at a greater risk.

In cases where a defective tire is to blame, there may be multiple defendants to pursue. If the tire was defective when it left the manufacturing plant, the manufacturer can be held liable.

If the tire was purchased from a tire distributor, they are held responsible for inspecting the tires and ensuring they are road-ready. Tire distributors can be held accountable for poor storage, failed inspections, and providing the wrong tires to their customers.

In some cases, the mechanic who mounted the tires can be held liable. An improperly mounted tire is a great danger and can cause accidents. Mechanics are also trained to be able to inspect tires for noticeable defects that could make them dangerous.

Sometimes, the truck driver can also be held liable. They are responsible for inspecting their trucks on each trip. This includes checking their tires for proper inflation and signs of damage. If a truck driver failed to inspect their truck or improperly responded to a flat, they could be held liable.

How to Get Legal Help

Because truck accidents can be serious, it is wise for injured victims to get help from a lawyer. Consultation appointments allow individuals to be able to learn about their rights and how the lawyer can help. The lawyer will go to work on investigating the accident to determine who can be held liable.

Hiring a lawyer allows injured victims to receive the legal help they need to ensure their rights are always fully protected. The lawyer becomes an advocate for the injured client to be sure they receive the compensation they are owed.


If you have been seriously injured in a trucking accident caused by a truck with a defective tire, you have rights afforded under the law. Consultation appointments are generally free for new clients. Consulting with the lawyer will allow you to learn more about the personal injury laws in Texas and how you can hold the right defendants responsible. A lawyer will help you determine the best form of legal recourse to ensure a fair outcome. Allow them to help you get the fair outcome you deserve for your injuries and damages.

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