Places in Dubai Where You Should and Shouldn’t Drive in a Rented Car

To make the most of your Dubai trip, you’ll probably want to rent a car. Most drivers use their vehicles for sightseeing as well as for visiting popular restaurants and shopping malls. Some foreigners want to explore less predictable routes. In this article, we’ll talk about where you can and can’t go in a rented car in Dubai.

Where You Shouldn’t Drive in a Rented Car in Dubai

The list of the locations that you should avoid depends on the rules of the company that rents you a car. Most likely, you won’t be allowed to drive abroad and offroad. Offroad driving leads to problems with insurance and car maintenance. If you drive in the sand, you might need to pay a penalty of at least 500 AED for the internal and external damages to the vehicle.

Rented Car

Places That You Might Want to Visit in a Rented Car

Dubai is an incredibly picturesque city. The quality of roads is very decent and most road signs are available in two versions: Arabic and English. The most popular navigation apps among foreign tourists are Google Navigator and 2GIS.

Consider starting with Dubai Greek Harbor. The local promenade can boast one of the best panoramas in the city. There are a lot of hotels, restaurants and shops around. The best time to visit the Greek Harbor is before the sunset. You’ll be able to take breathtaking photos. If you have kids, they will appreciate the lovely playground.

Dubai Festival City Mall is a huge shopping mall with over 300 shops, around 90 restaurants and various entertainment facilities. At 6 pm, a laser show of dancing fountains will begin. Hundreds of people will come to see it — but the underground garage of the mall is ample enough to accommodate all the cars.

Jumeirah Beach Residence is a lovely residential area. Locals and foreigners like it for its long beach and colorful pedestrian promenade. Just a decade ago this area used to be wild and not welcoming at all. Today, it attracts visitors with a modern infrastructure that includes numerous eateries and souvenir shops.

Soho Garden DXB is a stylish nightlife destination. Its atmosphere resembles London’s Soho. People who get sport coupe cars for rent in Dubai come here to show off and have fun with their well-heeled friends. It’s a place to see and be seen. The complex includes nightclubs, restaurants, a concert hall and a swimming pool.

City Walk Dubai was conceived as a “city within the city”. It’s a relatively new residential area with numerous shops and extensive leisure facilities where people of all ages can have fun. The streets of the City Walk look and feel almost like Europe. On festive dates, large-scale celebrations take place here.

Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center on the planet. On its territory, you can visit not only shops and restaurants but also the tallest building in the world, dancing fountains, aquarium, ice skating rink, cinema, virtual reality center and diverse play areas.

La Mer is a coastal area that is difficult to reach without a car. There is no metro here and only a handful of bus routes cover it. People come to La Mer to admire nature, swim, practice water sports, work on their suntan and enjoy outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you have a better understanding of where to drive in Dubai in a rented car. All the places listed in this article offer top-notch parking facilities. You’ll enjoy every minute of driving your gorgeous vehicle and spending time in the world-famous touristic locations!

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