Pros and Cons Electric Commuter Bikes

Even before the coronavirus pandemic forced many consumers to spend more time at home without needing a car, sales of pedal-powered bicycles and electric bikes were rising. Since then, as people look for new transportation options, bicycles and their electric-motor-powered bikes have become very popular across the United States. They are rapidly becoming popular and widely used transport across the globe.

According to NPD Group, a market research firm, bicycle sales have plateaued and will likely decline slightly in 2021; e-bike sales will likely continue to climb. And undoubtedly, e-bikes have a great appeal. 

What is an Electric Bicycle?

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are bicycles with built-in electric motors and storage batteries used to propel the vehicle. Typically, the motor is housed inside one of the hubs or close to the crank. The battery can be mounted on the seat tube, downtube, or back rack. Most e-bikes have a maximum speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a range of 35-85 miles per single charge.

E-bikes come in a wide variety. Some merely provide pedal support. It implies that you must pedal while riding. The motor aids your movement. Some types are more similar to mopeds, allowing you to peddle less if you’d instead and yet be propelled forward by activating the motor through throttle mode. There are variations in battery size, motor positioning, and motor power.


The Most Common Types of E-Bikes

Electric Bikes with Non-Removable Battery

Factory-built electric bicycles feature a specific frame style that allows the battery to be put inside. They are very inconvenient for charging.

Electric Bikes with Removable Battery 

These regular city bikes have had numerous components attached, including a motor, battery, charger, control unit, and speed controller, to turn them into electric bikes. You can quickly assemble such a bicycle in a matter of hours. If you choose to convert a regular bicycle into an electric bike, you can purchase a conversion kit that will enable you to realize your goal. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Commuter E-Bikes

With numerous advantages of using an electric commuter bike, it is difficult to see anything wrong with them. However, there are some disadvantages to owning an electric bike. The list highlights some significant benefits and drawbacks of electric commuter bikes. 


Let’s take a look at the benefits of using e-bikes. 

Cheap transportation 

Electric bikes are undoubtedly one of the most affordable modes of transportation, especially compared to the cars. With electric bikes, one doesn’t have to worry about any registration or specialized license, parking fees, or battery recharge costs, which are far less expensive than public transportation prices and gas.

Environmentally friendly

E-bikes employ electric motors instead of internal combustion engines, which don’t release harmful emissions into the atmosphere. They are among the most environmentally friendly and cleanest forms of transportation. A practical option to lessen your carbon footprint is to ride an e-bike. Riding a non-powered bike or walking are the only cleaner options.

Health and keeping active

Biking is a highly healthful activity. Your entire body—including your arms, shoulders, body core, and more—works when you turn the pedals in addition to just your legs. Similar to swimming in the ocean, but with air currents as opposed to water ones.

Most importantly, riding an e-bike will make you physically active. Entirely dissimilar from using an electric scooter, for instance.


E-bikes are powerful for people who want to exercise but whose health prevents them from doing as much as they would. Electric commuter bike users can adjust the level of difficulty to suit their particular demands for fitness and health by adjusting the amount of help they receive from the motor. People with joint pain, heart or lung issues, exercise-induced asthma, or people who are overweight can benefit most from this.

Sweat-free transport

Arriving at your destination sweaty, hot, and uncomfortable is one of the significant disadvantages of using a bicycle for daily commuting. However, you may do the same rides with an electric commuter bike while only making a small amount of physical effort. E-bikes allow riders to experience all the advantages of bicycle commuting while removing many of its disordered problems, making two-wheeled commuting a much more practical option for many people.


Here are some disadvantages of owning electric urban bikes.


Even with significant bike components and technological advancements, e-bikes still weigh significantly more than regular bicycles. It becomes an issue mostly while transporting the bike or when the battery dies while you’re out riding. So it is the best to choose an city electric bike with high-capacity battery.


An e-bike typically costs between $2,000 and $3,000—a midrange unpowered bike costs between $1200 and $1500. A non-powered bike costs about half as much as an electric bike. The battery is the primary source of the additional expense—just these costs are between $500 and $800. The motor also incurs other expenses. If money is short, you’re better off with a standard bike without a motor.

Frequent maintenance

Compared to non-powered bikes, most riders of e-bikes travel farther and faster. You’ll log miles more quickly. It indicates that some parts need maintenance more frequently since they wear out more quickly. For instance, you should regularly replace the tyres, chain, and brake pads. It adds to the cost of ownership and takes time.

The Bottom Line

Although they are not perfect, electric bikes can encourage more active lifestyles in riders of various ages, education levels, and physical capabilities. You’ll become a knowledgeable and intelligent consumer ready to choose the best e-bike when it is time to choose and buy your electric commuter. Moreover, you must know the benefits of utilizing an e-bike and some of the difficulties associated with purchasing and using an electric commuter bike.

While there are undoubtedly drawbacks to keeping and operating an electric urban bike, many people know that the benefits of riding an e-bike overshadow any potential disadvantages. Keep this in mind as you make your choice. Therefore, to find a perfect electric commuter, and go to ADDMOTOR to purchase the perfect bike for yourself. 

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