Pros and Cons of Installing Used Car Parts to Your Vehicle

New doesn’t mean it is always good, and when it comes to changing car parts, it’s often true. Moreover, most old or used genuine parts can give you better performance than new parts. Besides, buying new car parts can get costly,where installing used car parts to your vehicle is way cheaper than buying new parts. But, when you are buying used car parts, you must know properly about them.

If you want to install some used parts in your vehicles, here’s a list of the most commonly used parts that you can look for:

  • Car engine
  • Batteries
  • Body parts
  • Tires
  • Mirrors
  • Brakes
  • Interiors
  • Car stereo system

People usually install or replace used parts when they do not to get the specified new parts or original parts. Before installing it, you have to know what mechanism is used in it and how it works. If you are trying to fix up classic car, you have to know its different parts.  If you know how it works or what material is good, you can use it properly.

What to Know Before Buying Any Old Car Parts

If you are trying to fix up and buy any old parts for a car, you have to know its different parts to the point. For example, if you need to buy a Windlace trim, you have to know it fully. Here are some details about it.

 Windlace trim circumvents the door openings on generally antique and classical vehicles. The windlace has an elastic center and has material folded over it and sewn. It is around 0.5 to 0.6-inch thick when it is done.And, it has a 1 to 0.5-inch tail to staple on the tack strip or fold under the edge of the main event – which at any point is relevant for your vehicle.

Besides this, Some common guidelines and tips will help you to buy used car parts for your vehicle:

  • At first, you have to make sure what parts you need before going to shop.
  • Generally, old parts are not returnable. If possible, then try to have the old part with you for comparison because you don’t want to waste your money by buying the wrong parts.
  •  When you go to the used parts counter, you have to behave like a professional to take the correct part.
  • Verify that where you bought the parts from will trade it or issue a refund.

If you crack a tail light or brake a motor mount, a used part is the perfect low-cost solution. Like alternators, starters, and brake rotors, parts that wear out anyway should probably be purchased new.

The Pros of Buying Used Car Parts:

Here are the Pros and Cons of Installing Used Car Parts in Your Vehicle:

Genuine Parts:

For most of the cases, old and reconditioned parts are original and gathered from old cars. So, they last long and can offer you the best services while driving.

The Price

Parts of the used car will cost less than the new one. Generally, you will get up to 40 or 50 percent less, when you buy an old car or used car parts.

Finding the Right Part

Installing used parts to your vehicle gives you many options. If you want to install a new part, you have just one source to buy from the manufacturer. But if you can go for shopping from the used market, you will get many options.

Parts Quality

Some old car parts are good in quality. Installing used car parts give you a chance to modify your car with a well-manufactured part. Installing the used parts gives you a chance to check how it works. You can also take it, after using it on your vehicle.


Sometimes, you have to wait when the company manufactured the part or order, and then they give you the parts. But, if you find the part in the used market, you will get it immediately. You don’t need to wait for the manufacturers.

By installing the used parts in your car, you’ll be able to get your car up and running in no time.

The Cons of Buying Used Car Parts:

Car Part Reliability

The main issue of used car parts is their reliability. A new original part is more reliable than the old one. Besides, You will never know, how it had been used in the past. You also don’t know how many years it has been used or how much it was running. Obviously, a used car part has less lifespan than a new one.

Note: The car parts need to be original to valid this point.

Lack of Warranty

Generally, when you buy a new car part, the manufactured company gives you a warranty. In this way, you are protected, if it fails on your vehicle. Usually, used parts come with no warranty. Sometimes, the seller gives you a warranty, but that’s not enough. If the used parts fail while driving, there is nothing to do.

Facing Many Issues

 Used parts are not of good quality all time. Often those parts have fit and finish issues. Sometimes, used car parts may become harmful to your vehicle. It may fail or harm other parts of your vehicle too. Using used parts can lead you to bigger issues on the road, if you do not check it properly .

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket and used parts are not the same. The original manufacturer does not make aftermarket parts. Those are replacement parts which used to replace damaged parts or alter coverage of an insured item. Aftermarket used parts may cause more damage to other parts.

Final Verdict:

Buying and installing or restoring used car parts can be a gamble. No one can say whether it will last for a year, a month, or a week. So, those used parts should never be bought blindly. Moreover, used car parts must be tested by a trusted mechanic before install in your vehicle.

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