Purchased A Defective Car? 5 Things You Should Ask Your Lemon Law Attorney in San Diego, California

Lemon laws protect consumers from purchasing a new vehicle that has defects. Lemon law attorneys in San Diego, California provide legal assistance to those who have purchased a defective car and are seeking compensation for their purchase. There are many things you should ask your Lemon law attorney in San Diego, California before hiring them to represent you in a lawsuit.

You want someone who has experience and is knowledgeable about the process. It is important that they have a good reputation for winning cases and understanding what makes a car defective. There are 5 questions you should ask your lemon law attorney San Diego when finding out if you qualify for relief under the lemon law:

How experienced are you?

It’s important to understand that experience is the best way of determining how knowledgeable a lawyer is when it comes down to dealing with difficult legal issues such as yours. Law can be broad and complex, so if you don’t know your stuff inside-out then things are liable to go pretty smoothly for either party involved in court proceedings.

This is why you should only hire an experienced lawyer. To know the level of expertise, it’s important to check what kind of cases they’ve worked on in their past and how long they have been practicing law – both factors will help determine how successful your case might turn out.

How will you handle my case?

A lemon law attorney can help you in all aspects of the process. You will be covered financially by paying their fee if you prevail, and they are able to get better deals for clients like yourself because of their experience with these cases!

Your lawyer will guide you through the process of finding a solution that benefits both them and their client. They’ll advise on what steps to take next, how long it might take for results from various court proceedings or investigations; they can even provide some valuable insight into cases where other lawyers are involved in this type of work so as not to make things more difficult than necessary.

How much will it cost?

Lemon law attorneys in San Diego charge you for their time while others work on a percentage of the case outcome or flat fee basis depending upon what your needs may be at any given moment – whether they’re affordable to most people or not. It is a good idea to ask the lawyer beforehand how much they will charge for their services. This way, you can play yourself financially and know if your resources allow it or not.

The lemon law in California is a great benefit for consumers because it shields them against fees and costs. If you prevail during your case, the manufacturer has to pay all attorney’s fees as well any related expenses that may arise. This makes fighting for rights much more convenient than before with just yourself on behalf of someone else.

How much can you recover?

When you have a lemon law claim, it’s important to know that your manufacturer is going out of their way and preparing for the worst. They’ll be ready with lawyers who specialize in these claims so they can get away with as little money or time spent on getting what’s owed them by giving good representation.

It’s important to have an expert California lemon law attorney from McMillan Law Group can back you up if your claim is legit. The negotiating power they possess will help level the playing field against large corporations and get rightful compensation for you as their client.

How long will the case take to resolve?

Lemon law claims are usually resolved in 30 days but can take up to six months for complicated cases. If the manufacturer doesn’t repurchase or replace your lemon vehicle, you have no choice but go through litigation with them and try to get compensation.

The Lemon Law in California has a provision which requires the car company to pay consumer attorney fees and costs if they win. This makes it accessible for individuals who don’t have enough money for an attorney, but still want compensation from their lemon vehicles.


When you come into contact with a lemon of any kind, it is important to get advice from someone who knows what they are doing. Finding the right attorney can be an intimidating and frustrating process but we hope this blog has helped answer some questions about how to go about finding one in San Diego, California.

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