Ram and Dodge: The Split of Two Car Brands

Success creates a lot of predicaments in the car industry. For some companies, these problems are one of many to come in their future. For Dodge, it was the beginning of something beautiful.


Dodge is one of the biggest faces of American made cars and trucks. When consumers shop at dodge ram dealers Utah, they expect a deal that lives up to the brand name. In 1900, Dodge was a private company founded by John Francis and Elgin Dodge. Twenty-eight years later the company was acquired by Chrysler Corporation, another big name in the growing American automobile industry. For reference, Chrysler is part of the ‘big three’ in American made vehicles. This was a big move in 1928 for Dodge, and has continued to show its value over the years. Despite the purchase, Dodge is still an individual company that is known by name rather than as a subsidiary.

Car Brands


Ram trucks are the real deal when it comes to consistency and quality. They go head-to-head with Ford trucks, and often come out on top. The Ram series was the first to depart from the traditional look of pickup trucks. The 1994 Dodge Ram was bold, and originally based off of the 1986 project dubbed the ‘Louisville Slugger’. The long project time paid off, and the finished model personified American vehicles and craftmanship. It was the Dodge Ram that pushed the American truck industry forward, and they are the main reason that the current truck industry is so competitive. The other big 2 companies followed suit, and it has been an impressive couple of years for American trucks since 1994.

The Split

Success was steady, and it was inevitable when the company decided to split its divisions. Chrysler made the strategic call to split the car and truck businesses into Chrysler, Ram, Jeep and Dodge car. With this split cam new ideas, goals and brand-new CEOs. The split was still surprising to consumers, but the results speak for themselves. Since the brands are vastly different from one another, it made more sense that the goals of each one was put in a position to succeed. Ram in particular was a monster brand that became synonymous with quality trucks. The split was announced in 2009, with sweeping organizational changes made shortly thereafter.  

Is It Better?

Yes! Splitting off Ram into its own brand did exactly what Chrysler expected. It allowed them to prioritize Ram related projects without needing to divert resources from other parts of the business. The buzz for the new 2023 Ram editions are trending at a historic all time high for the company. Future emissions regulations will affect all of the big truck makers. Dodge is expected to once again lead the pack when this happens by having the most powerful truck engine on the consumer market.

The Best of Both Worlds

For Dodge, this split was the happy ending that created more jobs and competition for the industry. There has been no other story like it, and it continues to benefit the consumers. With Ram and Dodge having similar values, buyers will always get their moneys worth. 

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