Reasons to Consider Assault Air Bikes in Exercise Routines

Exercise bikes are considered one of the best cardio machines to use in studio gyms or even at home gyms. According to Medical Journals, regular pedalling has an impressive benefit to lower risk of cardiovascular disease and other terminal diseases. This is the reason why considering an indoor exercise bike is a smart choice to include in your exercise routine.

Among other exercise bikes, assault air bikes can improve one’s posture while putting less pressure on the spine. At the same time, it helps the person last longer during the cycling session since the body has less pressure to endure. This type of exercise bike is also great for improving metabolic condition. It has features that incorporate interval training to build aerobic capacity without putting too much pressure on muscle activity. 

Here are more reasons to consider using it on your fitness routine:

  • Simple Push-Pull Mechanism

Unlike stationary bikes, this type of bike has the mechanism of leading into a more challenging work out. In one minute, it can help you burn 30 calories. After more minutes of pushing and pedalling, you will notice that the calorie burn already equates to a 5-kilometre run that should take you a long time. It brings efficiency to your exercise routine so you can incorporate more techniques in one set.

  • No Special Training Required

Using assault air bikes is possible for everyone. There is no necessity for special training in pedalling or cardio work out to get started. The more you do it, the quicker and easier you will master.  What you only need to do is to focus on keeping your knees aligned with your feet while pedalling. Also, be mindful of your posture by sitting straight and tall. To see improvement throughout the exercise routine, keep a progress tracker and notice your consistency in training. Watching indoor cycling videos can also help you get a technique in performing the exercise.

  • Tracking Progress on your Fitness Goals

Track the progress of your exercise routine through a power-to-weight ratio table. It will show you how much wattage is produced based on your weight. It measures your performance in using this exercise bike and shows improvement when the body weight is reduced while getting an increase in power output.

  • Perfect for a Modified Exercise Routine

For people recovering from injury, assault air bikes are the best exercise tool to use because it has a low impact on your joints that makes a safe movement. Yet, it keeps you moving that gives a blood flow area in the affected area that will aid the recovery. Likewise, it is recommended for moderate training starters or for someone who needs to have quick improvement on their muscular shape. This type of exercise bike is easier to manage too.


Nevertheless, assault air bikes have gained recent popularity as one of the best options for fitness equipment to use in gyms and at home. It brings a different challenge on your body, fitness, and mindset on a new level. Also, using this exercise bike helps on a person’s gradual metabolic conditioning that provides a stronger endurance. Therefore, including cycling on exercise routines will lead to promising results for a fitness goal.

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