Reasons Why You Should Always Carry Your Driver’s License

Your driver’s license serves as proof that you’re duly trained and certified to drive. Apart from ascertaining that you are certified to control a vehicle, your driver’s license can come in handy in many other situations, which is why you should always keep it in your wallet. In this article, we’ve outlined six reasons why you should always carry your driver’s license.

  1. It serves as an official personal ID

Thanks to the rise of identity theft and fraud cases, you may be required to prove your identity before accessing certain premises or services, including account opening, credit and debit card use, school enrolment, loan applications, writing checks, and more. A driver’s license is a universal form of personal identification, and can be used to confirm your identity. With a drivers license scanner, officials can automatically check data integrity, verify the validity of your license, recognize data with high accuracy and check it for forgery signs.

  1. It shows the categories of vehicles you’re allowed to drive

A driver’s license notifies the law enforcement officers that you’re legally authorized to operate a motor vehicle in the state you reside in. If a traffic officer pulls you over and you’re unable to produce your driving license, you may be charged for willful violations or correctable offenses.

There are various types of driving licenses issued depending on vehicle categories. Your driving license level permits you to drive specific types of cars. It proves to the traffic officers that you’re authorized to drive heavy vehicles such as trucks.

  1. It enhances the purchase of age-restricted goods 

When buying age-restricted goods like alcohol and tobacco, store owners and cashiers need proof of age, which is easy to provide with a driver’s license. A driver’s license can come in handy when going into age-restricted business premises such as night clubs. In addition, websites that publish age-restricted content or sell goods and services meant for a certain age group require age verification before granting access. In such cases, a quick scan of your driver’s license can provide the required verification.

  1. It facilitates identification if you’re involved in an accident

If you’re involved in an accident and you’re badly injured and you cannot communicate, paramedics can use your driver’s license to determine your identity. Your name and address can also help them to find and contact your family members.  Hospital staff can also use your driver’s license details for the admission process. 

  1. It helps determine if you’re an organ donor

If you’re accepted as an organ donor, you receive a sticker that you stick on your driver’s license. Upon your passing, paramedics can look at the universal donor symbol on your driver’s license to determine if your organs should be used for transplants.


Your driver’s license serves as proof that you’re legally allowed to drive motor vehicles, but there are other benefits as well. Consider carrying your license everywhere you go, as it may come in handy when you least expect it.

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