Safety Tips For Driving in Extreme Heat

As you are aware, the UK has been experiencing record breaking temperatures across the nation this summer. With temperatures soaring to 40 degrees in some parts of the country, many people have been left with feelings of fear and concern.

When the Met Office issues a red extreme heat warning, it’s best to only travel if it’s essential. However, driving during amber warnings is okay but it’s important to follow safety precautions. 

Reputable driving school, Beverly Slater, have helped create this safety guide to driving in extreme heat. 

Safety Tips For Driving

Check your car before driving

Extreme heat can cause significant damage to your car or vehicle. This is why it’s very important to perform safety checks on your vehicle before you begin any journeys that you need to make.

The two main things you need to check for before driving your car are tyre pressure and coolant levels and here’s why.

Tyre pressure

Did you know that extreme heat can increase the pressure in your tyre and cause it to burst? The air inside your tyres can expand to the point they burst due to heat. This can be very dangerous when driving as you can imagine. This is why it’s very important to check that the tyres on your vehicle are at optimum pressure before beginning your journey. 

Coolant levels 

Another important safety tip when it comes to driving in extreme heat is to ensure your coolant levels are high. Your engine coolant keeps the liquids in your car at an optimum temperature, but in extreme heat these liquids can heat up very quickly. 

This is why it’s important to check your coolant levels before starting your journey to ensure they’re topped up. 

General driver safety tips for the heat

Now that you know your car is safe to drive, you also have to make sure you and your passengers are looked after too. Here are some general driving safety tips to follow when driving in extreme heat. 


First and foremost is hydration. Making sure yourself and any passengers are well hydrated is essential when it comes to driving in hot weather. Make sure you have enough water bottles to last you the length of your journey and have them easily accessible to you as the driver. 

If you know you have to make a journey through extreme heat conditions, plan ahead. Place as many water bottles as you need in your fridge the night before and have them ready to go in a cooling box the next morning. Also have any food you’re taking ready to go as you’ll need to be fuelled for your journey too. 

Prepare for allergies 

As summer brings extreme heat, it also brings severe allergies too. This is why it’s important to have allergy tablets in your vehicle at all times this summer in case you or a passenger needs one. The last thing anyone needs whilst driving in extreme heat is an allergy flare up that they can’t do anything about.

Adding allergy tablets to your list of essential items you need on your journey is well worth it, just in case. 

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