Safety Tips for Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy haul trucking is a challenging feat that requires careful planning and execution to avoid crashes or injuries. Choose a trucking company that follows the standard practices and procedures for seamless shipping processes. This is important to ensure the safety of your valuable freight on the roads.

Here are the tips that will help ease your mind when hauling your load safely on a truck.

Proper Planning

The first step in the safe hauling of heavy equipment is the proper planning that avoids any issues. The best haulers start their process by making the list of equipment required to secure, load, and unload the cargo. Also, the company should visualize the routes for safe travel.

This phase also includes determining the dimensions of your equipment in terms of length, weight, height, and width. Calculate the exact weight, including the attachments of the equipment.

Choose the Right Trailer

For every heavy haul job, it’s vital to choose the right type of trailer. There are many trailer and axle configurations available for over-dimensional shipping across the country. The options may include a drop deck trailer, gooseneck trailer, lowboy trailer, and a flatbed trailer.

Depending on the type of load, ease of loading, size of cargo, and the process of dismantling, it would be better to get a suitable trailer for the job.

Secure the Freight for Transit

After choosing the right type of trailer, prepare your load for safe shipping. Make sure the load is evenly distributed and properly secured on the trailer before leaving your job site or warehouse. Keeping the load secured is a vital process to avoid loss of valuable equipment, damage to personal property, and to avoid severe injuries on the road.

In some cases, an accidental loss of equipment can harm the environment as well if the load involves chemical contaminants. Since the risk is very high, the trucking company should follow proper loading techniques to tie down the load.

Use Well-Trained Drivers

The safety of over-dimensional freights depends on the capabilities and expertise of the truck drivers as well. Choose a company that provides proper training to its truck operators. The drivers should be well-versed with the process of efficiently loading the truck, driving safely, and staying alert throughout the shipping timeline.

Remember, one of the biggest challenges of heavy hauling is maneuvering your vehicle while focusing on other drivers on the roadway. The drivers have to keep their focus on the swivel and keep the trailer in its lane, especially when confronted with reckless drivers.

Have the Necessary Permits

Every state has different regulatory requirements for transportation of over-dimensional loads. The rules typically differ across the state borders. The heavy haul trucking company needs to obtain the right permits for oversized cargo. Also, they may need special off-loading equipment for shipment that exceeds the dimensional limits set by the respective state.

In interstate commerce, commercial vehicles that weigh over 10,000 pounds GVWR are required to follow federal regulations while local regulations apply when hauling intrastate.

Besides, avoid heavy-traffic highways, under-construction roads, and toll roads to haul the heavy loads safely and smoothly across the country.

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