Most students, after completing their high school, eagerly yearn to get a driving license and experience freedom. It is not only an exciting feat for the first-timers,but with learning how to drive, they step into their adulthood journey.

As much as exuberance one feels by taking the steering wheel in their hands, it is also a big responsibility regarding your safetyand others as well. Hence, you need to be careful and be respectful of the driving rules and regulations while driving on the road. New drivers can feel the rush and thrill, but they need a lesson to paramount safety as their primary concern.

There is no longer the safety protocol of a trusted driving instructor present once you complete your driving course. Because of this aspect, new drivers must take behind the wheel safety very seriously, since they have no experience.

The following are the seven essential, safe driving tips for first-time drivers:

  1. Slow AndSteady

You may feel tempted as a new driver to push the speed limit and keep going. After all, with no one to stop you, speeding is dangerous, together with road rage. It is better to avoid such actions as they have dire consequences. However, just because there is no authority figure beside, you should not forget about the speed limits. Increasing speed is easy; maintaining control during that speed is difficult. Also, not knowing the speed limits is not an excuse for a police officer to issue a ticket. Your responsibility is to keep speed limits in check and observe road signs while driving. You can now use various mobile apps to help you navigate and maintain speed limits if you are unsure about city speed limits, better drive slowly, or stick to the standard speed limits distractions during driving.

  • Avoid Mobile Phones While Driving

This tip seems like an obvious one. Surprisingly, even after so many prompts, people still use mobile phones while driving. Drivers using mobile phones have more chances to crash their vehicles. Being on the cell phone is the most significant distractions during driving, as it demands your full attention. Mobile phones take your visual, mental, and cognitive focus away, causing your hands off the steering wheel and eyes off the road. That is dangerous on many levels. Just imagine if you don’t stay focused on driving, then you may end up in an accident. In that case, you need to find an expert lawyer as soon as possible. If you live near Jackson, Mississippi, then finding car accident lawyers in Jackson will make your life easy. For example, Morgan and Morgan are renowned for winning even complicated cases for their clients.

However, you can prevent such road and legal disasters by avoiding the use of mobile phones. Use earphones if you have an essential call to attend, otherwise use it after you reach your destination.

  • Maintain Safe Trailing Distance

It is essential to stick to the two-second ruleto maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Remember that the longer your car, the more time it will take to stop. It may take some practice for newbie drivers to maintain a safe braking distance.

In general, instructors suggest keeping a distance where you can see the back tires of other cars. You can also install dash cams to ensure that you have a safe distance maintained. Dashcams can also indicate whether you need further distance coaching.

  • Buckle-Up

Driving instructors always emphasize the importance of wearing custom seatbelt belts, even for short trips. Researches state that you are ten times more likely to avoid traffic accidents if you wear belts.Seat belts work because they distribute the force of crashes across your chest and save your body from fatal injuries. Make a habit of adjusting your rearview and side mirrors and wear your seatbelt the moment you get inside your car.

  • Exercise Patience

Patience during driving is the key to a safe journey. Many accidents happen because drivers are in a hurry to reach their point. While time is a valid consideration to travel, maintaining safety is more important. Be patient because if you meet an accident, it will take you more time than anticipated. Therefore, exhibit patience while driving and keep yourself focused on the road without distractions.

  • Never Drive Under TheInfluence

Remember that driving under the influence is lawfully restricted and life-threatening. Avoid operating a vehicle if you have taken any prescribed or non-prescribed drugs or drunk. Laws require that new and teen drivers have zero alcohol present in their bloodstream while driving. Even in small amounts, alcohol or drug can make you lose focus and increase the risk of fatal accidents. Establish a firm rule regarding drugs and alcohol use and stick to it to keep yourself and others safe.

Additionally, you must avoid driving if you feel sleepy. Teens may be smart to avoid drugs or alcohol, but they should know that driving drowsy is equally dangerous. According to statistics, teens driving under the influence or in sleep become a significant cause of road accidents.

  • Respect Street Signs AndTraffic Lights

Always pay attention to traffic lights and abide by the rules of the road to drive safely. Always follow traffic signals to keep yourself on the right track and avoid any legal charge against yourself. Similarly, drive slow when passing a school or a hospital. Obey the law by followingthe parking signs.You do not want to park somewhere and comeback with a ticket on your windshield or, in the worst case,your car getting towed away. Take care of traffic lights and street signs to keep yourself safe from accidents and tickets.

Additional Tips

  • Always keep your vehicle maintained to avoid roadside breakdowns.
  • Pay attention to driving rather than your friends.
  • Always have maps and safety kits in your vehicle for any emergencies.
  • Keep in your lane and use adequate distance while changing lane.
  • Be extra careful in bad weather
  • Always perform safety checks before starting your engine.

Conclusion While driving is athrilling experience for teens and newbies, it is also dangerous if not careful. Therefore, it is easier to follow the road safety rules than paying enormous penalties for violating traffic rules and getting caught in an accident.

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