Shipping, Driving, or Selling: What to Do With Your Car When Moving

Moving to a new home can give you mixed emotions. Being in a new environment brings a lot of excitement and endless possibilities, but with it, the anxieties of the unknown. You would be facing a lot of challenges, even before moving day. 

There are many things to work out before moving, and one of them is what to do with your car. But how much does it cost to ship a car? How much would it cost if I drive it myself? Would it be better to just sell my car and get a replacement? You would be finding yourself asking these questions a lot. Shiply an online transport marketplace company, where users can collect quotes for shipping jobs.

What to Do With Your Car

But answering these three questions leads to more questions. There are many things to consider before you can arrive at a decision that will be best for you and your family. 

Here are some helpful tips to help you find out whether you should drive your car to your new place, have it shipped, or sell it, then just get another car once you have moved. 

Cost consideration

So how much does it cost to ship a car? The cost of shipping will depend on the actual distance, vehicle size and condition, location, and season. You can choose an open transport type, which can hold eight to ten cars and is much cheaper than an enclosed one which carries two to three vehicles only. Having a 4-door sedan shipped would range anywhere from $600 during the lean months of winter to $1000 during the busy days of summer, that is according to CostHelper. Shipping a larger vehicle such as an SUV or van from California to New York, a distance of around 3000 miles, may cost from $800 to $1070. 

What to Do Car

If you choose to drive the same 3000 miles from California to New York, it would cost you around $300 on fuel alone, assuming a gallon of gas costs $3, and your car’s fuel efficiency is 30 miles per gallon. If you drive four to six hours a day, it would be a 10 to 14 days journey. With additional hotel expenses, food consumption, and other costs that could be incurred during the trip, you could end up spending more by the time you reach your destination.

A third option to consider would depend greatly on the model of your vehicle and whether it is on its last legs. Going through the trouble of shipping or driving the distance with an old beaten car would not only be ill-advised cost-wise but, more importantly, in terms of road safety. 

Time consideration

After answering the question of how much does it cost to ship a car and the cost to drive it, the next thing to consider is time. The transporters of car shipping companies are experienced and have trained extensively to obtain their Commercial Driver’s License. Expectedly, a car transported by a shipping company would get to its destination faster. It would take most companies six to eight days to ship cars from California to New York, which is almost half the time it would take for a non-professional driver. If you are pressed for time, shipping is definitely a better option. 

Weather conditions

Driving during the winter is a big risk not only to you but also to your car and whatever belongings you are transporting. If you have to move during the cold season, shipping your car is the safer and more convenient option. 

If you choose to drive your car, do it during the warmer season when the cost of shipping is at its peak, but the driving condition is optimal. 

Making the decision

The decision you make would ultimately depend on your particular situation and even personal preference. You could have an old clunker of a car that holds little to no value to others, but you can never bring yourself to part with. Or you might be willing to go through the trouble of driving for days on end if it gives you the chance to make more memories with your family. The journey is yours to take, and only you know best how to travel it.     

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