Should I Repair or Replace My Cracked Windshield?

According to some research, 30% of insurance claims are about windshields. 

If you recently submitted a claim for a cracked windshield, you’re definitely not alone. But how do you know whether you need to get it replaced or repaired? 

The car’s windshield is important to keeping your car safe, especially in an accident. So getting the right repair is very important, so make sure you keep reading to learn about windshield repair vs. replacement.

Signs You Need a Replacement

When you get a replacement for your windshield, the process can take a few hours, and it’s also the most expensive option. 

However, when you find someone who can do it properly, you’ll make sure that the integrity of the car’s structure is safe in case there’s a crack or even worse damage. It’s normally the safest option, and in some states, insurance will cover all of it. 

It’ll also give you the highest visibility so that you don’t have to see through any pitted or chipped glass. Here are some signs that you absolutely need to have your windshield replaced.


When you’re driving your car, there is a lot of debris that could be flying up and hitting your windshield. Whether it’s big or small, this can eventually lead to pits in your windshield. 

These pits will be more visible during dawn and dusk, and they’ll scatter some of the reflected light. This can make it very difficult to drive and focus on the road. 

If you’re driving in a rainstorm with pits, you’ll notice that the glass won’t get rid of the water very quickly. This can make it even more dangerous to drive. 

Pits are very hard to repair without a total windshield replacement, so you should call as soon as possible to get them replaced.

Parts Missing

Do you notice that there are some parts of the windshield missing? Some people will try and use tapes or clear tarps to repair the windshield, but really you can’t avoid replacing it if there are parts of the glass missing. 

If you don’t replace it as soon as possible, you may notice that the frame of your vehicle will start to sag. This could also cause alignment issues with the glass, making it difficult to replace when you do call someone.

Hindering View

In some cases, the windshield’s damage may be hindering your view. Normally, if the crack or chip is right in your line of sight, it’s better to replace it. 

When you’re driving, you need to make quick decisions, and adding a blind spot into your vision is not a great idea. 

Sometimes, if you have a spiderweb crack, you can even distort the vision on the road, making it very dangerous to drive. In these cases, repairing it isn’t the best idea. 

Signs You Need a Repair

Many people want to choose an auto glass repair because it’s cheaper and doesn’t take as much time. 

However, if you’re going to repair a small crack, you’ll need to do it as soon as possible before it travels and becomes bigger. 

When you repair the windshield as soon as possible, you’ll still have great visibility and durability with it. You’re also more likely to have your insurance actually cover the repair.  Here are a few signs that will indicate it’s okay to just get a windshield repair. 


The condition of the auto glass is the easiest way. If the windshield is shattered in many places, you’ll need a full replacement. 

However, if there is a crack or chip in the windshield that is small and isn’t in the line of the driver’s vision, you can just call and get a repair. 

White Haze

Sometimes, you may not notice any visible damage to the windshield until you start driving.  One of the lesser-known signs is the white haze that shows up around the edges. 

That’s because the glass has polyvinyl butyral on it to make sure that when it shatters, it doesn’t go inwards and hurt all of the passengers. 

If you see the white haze, that means the edges of the windshield shattered, and you’ll need to get it repaired right away. That white haze is the butyral pulling away from the glass. 


The position of the chip is also important. Normally, experts recommend getting a full replacement if it’s in your line of sight. But if it’s anywhere else, you can just have it repaired. 

However, if you notice a crack and wait a while to get it fixed, it may become bad enough that you will need a full replacement. 

Other Factors to Consider

Before you go to a place like to get your windshield fixed, you’ll want to consider a few other factors first. 

First, the size of the chip or crack is important. If it’s bigger than a dollar bill, the shop will likely want to replace the entire windshield. If it’s smaller, then you can probably be okay with a replacement. 

However, they’ll also determine the extent of the damage. If a windshield has more than three chips in it, they’ll likely recommend replacing the windshield even if they’re not in the line of sight. 

Discover More About Fixing Your Cracked Windshield

These are only a few things to consider when you’re dealing with a cracked windshield, but if in doubt, call a repair shop and ask what they would recommend. 

We know that taking care of your car can be a lot of work, but it helps when you know what to look for.

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