Should You Start Driving In 2024?

Learning to drive is a common New Year resolution made by many people across the UK. Wanting to learn to drive can be influenced by various personal circumstances and factors. If you’re someone who is thinking about learning to drive next year but are unsure about committing to the goal, here are some reasons why you should stick to it!

Some reputable driving schools offer refresher driving lessons for individuals who once started learning to drive and had to stop for various reasons. If this sounds like you then why not consider re-learning?

Below are several reasons as to why you may consider learning to drive in 2024

Start Driving

Convenience and independence

Learning to drive provides you with a new level of independence that you won’t have experienced before. You can travel where you want when you want, without relying on public transport or lifts from friends and family. This is a freeing experience and opens up many opportunities for you.

Job opportunities 

Some jobs or career paths may require or prefer candidates who have a driver’s licence. Having the ability to drive can expand your employment opportunities, especially if the job involves commuting or travel.

This opens up doors for you, and allows you to access new and exciting opportunities.

Electric vehicles 

Driving in 2024 is more eco-friendly than ever. With electric vehicles taking over the market, you don’t have to worry too much about your carbon footprint. This is because EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and dependence on fossil fuels. Advancements in battery technology may lead to improved range and performance.

Saves time

Driving can save time compared to relying on public transportation, especially in areas with limited or less efficient transit options. This time savings can be significant for daily commuting or running errands. Which is another reason you should consider starting your driving lessons in 2024.

Personal growth and development

Learning to drive can be a valuable skill that contributes to personal growth and development. It involves responsibility, decision-making, and adherence to traffic laws, fostering a sense of independence and maturity. If you’re looking to develop a new life skill in 2024, learning to drive could be the year for this.

Increased mobility for people with disabilities

For individuals with disabilities, driving can significantly enhance mobility and independence. Adaptive driving aids and technologies make it possible for many people with disabilities to drive safely. 

Before starting to drive, it’s important to consider factors such as the cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle, insurance, and the environmental impact. Ultimately, the decision to start driving should align with your individual needs, circumstances, and lifestyle preferences.

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