Single Din vs Double Din Sound Decks What Are The Major Differences

A sound deck is essentially a replacement stereo unit for your factory-fitted one. The major parts of the deck only differ slightly from those found in regular head units, so if you are interested in the inner workings of car stereos, you might want to read up on it.

Since double-DIN decks are really just larger versions of single-DIN decks with extra buttons, this article focuses on what the differences are between the two types of decks and where they will suit your car best.

What Are Single-DIN And Double-DIN Sound Decks?

Single-DIN sound decks are usually 4 inches wide by 1 DIN inch tall while double-DIN decks are 6 inches wide by 2 DIN inches tall. This means they can fit in most cars without too much hassle – so long as you don’t have an extremely complicated dashboard, or if you want to retain use of your air vents.

Double-DIN sound decks are able to fit larger screens compared to single-DIN ones but have a couple of drawbacks that you might not consider at first glance. Double DIN cars have the space for bigger screens which is better for using GPS and watching movies

In general, both types will fit almost any car, even those with extremely complicated dashboards. There are many “one size fits all” sound decks available these days as well as units that require very little modification to install in your vehicle, but before we get into those details, let’s look at why people want these replacement units in the first place.

Single Din vs Double Din Sound Decks: What Are The Major Differences?

The major difference between the two is size and cost.

Double-DIN sound decks are about twice as large as single-DIN ones and therefore more expensive, especially once you factor in the additional components needed for installation. However, not all double-DIN decks are more expensive than their single-DIN counterparts.

Sound decks have become popular because they are much cheaper compared to old factory-fitted units – many times costing less than 50 percent of what a factory unit would cost. They also offer the same features that older cars had only with updated versions, which means safer driving thanks to hands-free calling or Bluetooth integration.

Another feature that has made them so popular is the fact that you can fit your iPhone into one of these units without any fiddling around. All you need is an adapter, which usually comes with the sound deck, and you can play all your music through the car’s stereo without having to plug anything in or even turn on your engine.

Reasons You Will Want A Single-DIN Sound Deck Instead Of A Double-DIN One

There are only two main reasons people want double-DIN decks over single-DIN ones. The first reason is that they have space for a bigger screen that aids in using GPS features that require visual input instead of just audio feedback.

The other reason is simply that they fit better into cars with complicated dashboards since there are no air vents between the windshield and the dashboard. This also allows you to retain use of the center console with its storage compartments in your vehicle.

The first reason can easily be overcome by buying a single-DIN unit with a wide screen, which should have a height and width to 1 DIN inches. This will make it an exact replacement for traditional single-DIN units but at the cost of slightly less audio quality. If you want more indepth knowledge you can checkout stereoguides.

Reasons You Will Want A Double-DIN Sound Deck Instead Of A Single-DIN One

You might want to get a double-DIN sound deck instead if you have a car that has complicated dashboards. For example, those from luxury car makers such as Volvo tend to have extremely complicated dashboards due to all the gadgets they install on them so only an inch or so of vertical space is left between the windshield and the top part of the dashboard.

The double-DIN sound decks also offer better audio quality, although not by much nowadays thanks to improved speaker technology in standard factory fitted units. They simply have more room for speakers, which usually means that they will be able to deliver better bass response than their single-DIN counterparts.

Another reason you might want a double-DIN deck is if you need help connecting your iPhone to it. Double DIN cars usually have spaces between their center console and dashboard, thus preventing you from having an air vent right where you need them for sticking your phone there.


So now that you know all about single-DIN vs double-DIN sound decks, you should be able to choose the one that best suits your car and pocket. If you are on a budget, go for the single DIN unit since it can deliver almost as good results as its double DIN counterpart.

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