Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Car Accident

Pedestrian car accidents can be terrifying, but collecting enough evidence afterward will help you get compensated. Every pedestrian car accident case is unique, so it can be beneficial to speak to a pedestrian car accident attorney to find out how they can help you. Pedestrian car accidents happen when a driver isn’t paying attention to the road, makes a driving error, is affected by bad weather, or gets into an accident because of poor road conditions. According to Roberts | Jeandron Law, these are steps that you can take once you’ve been in a pedestrian accident.

Call 911 Or Have Someone Call For You

Get paramedics on the scene immediately by calling 911. You can let them know you were recently hit so an ambulance can show up. Police officers will also show up on the scene so that a police report can be created. This official report keeps a record of what happened in the pedestrian accident. The police officers might also write a citation if the driver broke a traffic law. Your attorney can later obtain the police report and include it as a form of evidence to support your personal injury claim.

Take Photographs 

It is important to take pictures of the pedestrian accident scene. Your pedestrian accident attorney can use them to learn more about the accident. Take pictures of any wounds that you have, any debris on the street, the location of the accident, and any damage to the car. 

Get Contact Information 

You will need the contact information of the at-fault party and any eyewitnesses. You should also get the insurance information of the at-fault party because they will pay for your damages. Your attorney will reach out to them when they begin working on your settlement claim.

See A Doctor

Getting follow-up treatment should never be delayed after a pedestrian accident. Additional treatments can provide you with evidence in the form of medical bills. You will need to get treated for various injuries and might need imaging scans if there are any deeper injuries that are not visible. If you avoid receiving medical care, the other party may contest your settlement demands and claim that your injuries weren’t that serious. Your medical bills are part of the total settlement amount. 

Call an Attorney

Don’t forget to call a pedestrian accident attorney and let them know that you were in a pedestrian accident so they can help you initiate a settlement claim. Pedestrian accident lawyers will first begin by investigating the information you provided to them. Your attorney will seek out additional evidence by obtaining traffic camera footage, a non-redacted police report, and eyewitness testimonies. They will also find out if the driver was distracted, intoxicated, or engaging in other reckless or illegal behavior when the accident happened.

Let Your Lawyer Negotiate

If anyone reaches out to you regarding a settlement, let them know that your attorney will speak to them. It is common that an insurance adjuster may request that you settle on their terms. However,  the settlement offer may not be enough to cover all of your damages. Your settlement should include your medical bills, lost wages, and any non-economic damages you experienced. Attorneys can accurately calculate all of your damages so you know how much compensation you need. 

Speak To A Reliable Attorney Now

Get the help you need from an attorney who can provide valuable advice concerning your pedestrian accident settlement. They can protect you from common errors that many settlement applicants make. This is so that you receive full compensation for your damages and don’t have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses. To get started, reach out to an attorney today to learn how they can help you.

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