The Benefits of Electric Vehicles: A Complete Guide

Buying a car soon? You might want to consider going with one of the many electric vehicles as opposed to a vehicle that’s powered by gas.

At this time, electric cars still make up a pretty small percentage of the total number of cars out on the road. Only about 2% of the vehicles sold each year are electric vehicles.

But that’s expected to change soon! There are so many benefits of electric vehicles, which is why you shouldn’t be too surprised if the vast majority of the cars out on the road are electric cars in the not-too-distant future.

You’ll get to experience these benefits for yourself first-hand when you get your hands on one of the best electric cars on the market today. You should really think about taking full advantage of them if you’re not doing it already.

Here are some of the top benefits of electric vehicles.

They’re Great for the Environment

We’re going to discuss a lot of different benefits of electric vehicles here today. But you could argue that none of them will come anywhere close to being as important as this particular benefit.

When you drive an electric vehicle day in and day out, you’ll be doing what’s best for the planet. Since fully electric cars don’t produce any tailpipe emissions, you’ll be helping to reduce the smog levels in your specific city or town.

And this is great news when you consider just how bad the smog levels have gotten all across the world. They’re doing irreparable damage to the ozone layer, and to make matters worse, they’re also contributing to the deaths of millions of people.

You’ll be doing your small part to stop this from happening by investing in one of the many types of electric vehicles.

They’re Easy to Maintain

There are some people who are under the impression that electric vehicles must be very difficult to maintain. They don’t always understand what happens under the hood of an electric car, so they often assume the worst when it comes to maintaining one.

But you’ll be thrilled to find out that electric vehicles aren’t harder to maintain than vehicles that run on gas. In fact, they’re usually a whole lot easier to maintain because of the ways in which they’re designed.

There are only a few key components that are used to provide power to an electric vehicle. They are:

  • The on-board charger
  • The inverter
  • The motor

A lot of the other moving parts that are used to provide power to gas-powered cars aren’t in electric ones. As a result, you aren’t going to have to spend a ton of time and money maintaining all these different parts when you drive around in an electric vehicle.

They’re Simple to Charge

Another misconception that many people have about electric vehicles is that they’re difficult to charge. People worry about how they’re going to find the time to get their electric cars charged up when they’re not using them so that they’re always ready to go.

This used to be a valid concern among those who were thinking about buying electric vehicles. But nowadays, it’s never been simpler to charge up an electric vehicle when you aren’t driving it around.

There are home charging units that you can set up right outside of your home. All you’ll need to do to use one is:

  • Park your electric vehicle near your home charging unit
  • Plug the charging cable from your home charging unit into your electric vehicle
  • Give your electric vehicle somewhere between 5 and 10 hours to fully charge
  • Unplug your electric vehicle from your home charging unit and start driving it around

Could it possibly get any easier than that? It’s as simple as charging your cell phone, and there are even some rapid home charging units that you can use to make the entire process faster.

You will need to do a little bit of planning to make sure that your electric vehicle doesn’t die on you sooner than you’re expecting. But electric vehicles last way longer than they used to and are easier to charge up than in the past.

They’re Very Quiet

You’ve probably gotten so used to all the noise that a gas-powered car makes that you don’t even recognize it anymore. But if you pay attention to it the next time you’re behind the wheel of your car, you’ll likely find that your car makes a whole lot of noise now and is only getting noisier as it ages.

You can knock off all this noise by investing in electric vehicles. One of the most underrated benefits of electric vehicles is that they’re super quiet and won’t cause any disturbance in your cabin at all.

Because of this, you’ll be able to sit back and relax when you’re driving in an electric vehicle. You’ll also be able to hold crystal-clear conversations with others, listen to your favorite songs and podcasts, and chat on the phone without your car interrupting you.

They’re Fun to Drive

It might take you a few days to get used to driving around in an electric vehicle. The response that you’re going to get from them will be instant, which is something that you’re not getting from your gas-powered car right now.

All electric cars come equipped with what’s called instant torque. This means that, as soon as you push down on the accelerator in your car, your car will speed up fast without any delay. You’ll be able to get your car up and running quickly, which will make it a lot of fun to drive in your electric vehicle.

This is great for both city and highway drivers. But city drivers, in particular, are going to fall in love with the instant response that they get from their electric vehicles. They’ll make it so much easier for you to get around when you’re in stop-and-go traffic all the time.

They’re Getting More Affordable

We can’t talk about all the benefits of electric vehicles without mentioning how much they’re going to cost you. The benefits that we’re discussing with you will come at a cost as most electric vehicles cost substantially more than gas-powered ones.

But with that being said, the price tags on electric vehicles have started to come down quite a bit in recent years. This could very well make an electric car more affordable for you and put it into your price range.

The average price of a new gasoline-powered car went up to $36,600 in 2020, which represented a 2% increase in price compared to the previous year. But the average price of an electric car went down from $64,000 to $55,600. That represented a decrease in price of about 13% compared to the previous year.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that you will have to pay a little more for an electric vehicle versus a gas-powered one. But it also means that it’s not going to be long before the price tags on gas-powered and electric cars are comparable.

We should also note that you can usually resell an electric vehicle with ease in this day and age because of all the benefits of electric vehicles. You shouldn’t have too tough a time getting someone to take one off your hands if you would like to get rid of it.

They’re Futuristic

Most people spend their fair share of time updating their electronics to stay ahead of the curve. They snatch up the latest cell phones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and more to show the world how technologically advanced they are.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to help set the tone for the future of technology, then you’re going to love how futuristic you look when you’re riding around in an electric vehicle. It’ll show people that you have great taste in tech and that you’re interested in transitioning to tech that is going to be good for the planet.

They’re Easily Accessible

Buying a car that runs solely on electricity was a big challenge at one point in time. There weren’t really that many auto manufacturers that were making them, and that meant that people often had to go to great lengths to find one.

That couldn’t be further from the truth today. While there are still way more gas-powered vehicles than electric-powered ones, most auto manufacturers have at least one electric model these days. This has made electric vehicles more accessible and provided more people with opportunities to buy them.

Just take a trip down to any auto dealership and you’re guaranteed to see more than a few electric vehicles. The electric vehicle movement is definitely out in full force, and it’s here to change the way that people shop for cars.

They’re Made to Last

The biggest fear that people have when it comes to electric vehicles is that the battery in them is going to die within just a few years and leave them stranded. The batteries in electric vehicles can be very costly, which is why this is such a big concern for those interested in them.

But not to worry: You shouldn’t have to be concerned about the battery in an electric vehicle giving out on you after only 65,000 miles or so. While some might die at that point, the vast majority of them are going to eclipse the 100,000-mile mark, and many will even reach the 200,000-mile mark before finally conking out.

The battery in your electric vehicle might begin to wear down on you sooner than that and slowly lose its ability to hold a charge. But it’ll be nice knowing that your electric vehicle will last for way longer than you might think. It’ll serve as just one more reason to invest in an electric vehicle over your other options.

Which Electric Vehicle Is Right for You?

After hearing about all the benefits of electric vehicles, are you interested in buying one for yourself? Prior to doing it, you should make sure that you’re able to track down the right one.

As we alluded to a moment ago, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from now that most auto manufacturers have thrown their hats into the ring. It’ll force you to make a very big decision when you pull the trigger on one and purchase it.

Ideally, you should look for an electric vehicle that has a long history in the auto industry. Many of the electric cars that have been around for at least a few years have had all the kinks ironed out of them. They’ll work like a charm for you for many years to come.

Since you’re likely going to have your electric vehicle for a long time, you should also consider going with luxury electric vehicles over your other options. They’ll set you up with all the luxury features that you’ll need in your car as you move forward.

And of course, you should search high and low for an electric vehicle that will fit into your budget. While owning an electric vehicle will save you money on gas and maintenance, you will want something that you’ll be able to afford with ease. It’ll help you enjoy the many benefits of electric vehicles as you begin driving one. 

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Electric Vehicles for Yourself Today

There is probably going to come a time in the near future when every single car that is released will be electric. You won’t have a choice as to whether to go with a gas-powered car or an electric one.

Why wait until that point to start experiencing the benefits of electric vehicles? You can (and should!) do it now by buying an electric car the next time you need a new vehicle. You won’t regret it one bit once you begin driving one around every day.

Want to get more information on electric cars? Check out the other informative articles on our blog to learn all about them and to see what else they bring to the table.

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