The Cheapest Method for a Cross Country Car Transport: 3 Options to Consider

So you just bought your car, and you can’t wait to get it home and show your family and friends. Most importantly, you want to start driving it already. There is only a little challenge. The car is far away in another state, so you need to find a way to get it to your destination. There are several options to consider if you are in this position. 

If you’re looking for cheap options for cross-country transport, then you are in the right place. You should consider transporting your car with any of these three options: cross country car transport by train, hiring an auto transport company, or driving it yourself. Read on to find out more details about each of these options.

Transporting By Train

Transporting a car by train is by far one of the cheapest options you can opt for. Some of the things that can cost you money if you are driving yourself include buying fuel. This is totally avoidable when you use the train to transport your car. It also means you won’t have to drive or use the car till you get home. 

It also means less air pollution, since there is no emission of gas from driving the car. The only downside to this option is that it may take longer than you expected for your car to get home, and your vehicle may suffer from some road, or in this case, rail wears. 

This means you may need to involve the service of your mechanic to get it back in great shape when you get home. However, if you check the car and the little wears are things you can fix yourself, it makes it even better. 

If you are lucky, your car may still be in great shape, which means you don’t need to do any repairs, and you can start driving immediately. As noted by an article by, transporting a car by train is by far one of the cheapest options you can opt for.

Hiring an Auto Transport Company

An auto transport company specializes in shipping all types of vehicles from one location to the other. Hiring the services of an auto transport company is another cost-effective method of transporting your car cross country. 

However, it’s not as cheap as the train transport. It is also a very popular option as many people prefer contacting a shipping company than driving themselves or using a train and risk some damages.  

Aside from this, there are many companies that offer these services, which means their price will be negotiable. Transporting your car with a shipping company may also mean your vehicle will be in the company of other cars. And like the train, there could be a few road wears and tears attached to this option. 

Some auto companies have the foresight and provide an option that can transport your vehicle exclusively and even deliver it to your front door. The only downside is that this option may no longer be as inexpensive. This is because the auto moving company will calculate the following cost for you.

I. The Cost Of Your Pickup Date: if you choose a specific pickup date, your cost will likely be higher because the company will have to pick up your car, irrespective of their schedule. 

II. The Cost Of The Distance Covered: the longer the distance the company covers to reach your destination, the more the fuel used and the higher the price required for transport. 

III. The Cost Of Specific Delivery Date: If you need your car delivered on a specific date, you will need to pay for it. This is because, just like having a particular pickup day, the transport company is committed to ensuring you are satisfied against all odds. That convenience and picking your own time will definitely cost you some extra dollars. 

IV. The Cost Of Exclusive And Enclosed Carrier: Using an enclosed carrier means your vehicle is protected against road exposure and harsh weather conditions. This is usually done if your car is expensive or you just want the exclusive car treatment. As a matter of fact, this option will cost you some extra expenses, but it will assure you some peace of mind, and that makes it totally worth it.

Drive or Tow it Yourself

Driving your car yourself is by far one of the safest methods of ensuring your new car gets home in good condition. This is because if you are driving it yourself, you would be more careful with it. However, it isn’t the cheapest option to consider, and it also exposes your car to road wear the most.

Here are things you should consider before deciding to transport your car yourself. 

  1. You have to travel to the location of your car before you bring it back to your destination. This means you will spend on transporting yourself either by flight or by train. You also might need to stay in a hotel since you may not start a return journey that same day.
  1. Cost of stopping for food and drinks along the way.
  1. The time and stress it will require to drive yourself back home.
  1. The cost of maintaining the car on the road. This includes buying fuel and other road fixes (if any appears). 

If you are considering towing the car, it may even increase your cost more as this literally means you will be covering two people’s expenses. It also means you will have to rent a towing vehicle and fuel both your car and the towing vehicle. Bringing a friend along, however, has its benefits. You can take turns driving, and it also ensures you have company throughout the trip. 

Consider Your Costs and Choose the Best Option that Fits Your Needs 

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From the analysis above, it is evident that the cheapest means of transporting your car cross country is by train, but this means you may have to spend on repairs when the car finally gets to its destination. The other options include driving or towing yourself and employing the services of an auto transport company.

These three options are readily available and are relatively reasonable depending on the distance you have to cover. What should determine your choice is which option suits your needs best, and of course, your budget. 

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