The Common Types of Bicycles

Unlike cars and motorbikes, a bicycle is a human-powered vehicle that has two wheels attached to a single frame. These entities are primarily introduced in Europe during the 19th century and have become widely known and used during the 21st century. In total, more than 1 billion bikes are in existence exceeding the total number of cars currently present at the moment. 

Similar to cars, bikes are divided into an endless number of categories for which are differentiated according to their purpose, performance, parts, and dynamics. As such, the following list is a guide in understanding the variety of the bikes’ features and styles. 

The Common Types of Bicycles

The mountain bikes

One of the most usual types used is the mountain bike. This has become popular in various places in the world that even online bike sites like Melbourne bicycles feature this. Mountain bikes are composed of two wide knobby tires separately positioned at the back and front frame of the vehicle. These tires allow the user to take loose dirt terrains and over obstacles. Unlike other cycles, this has rugged components and frames, flat handlebars, and suspension to help the user to navigate rocky mountain paths. However, this bike can also be used on flat roads and trails although it is not an efficient choice.  

The commuting bikes

Generally, the commuting bike is used for transportation regardless of whatever style it could be. This has practical amenities like fenders, locks, bags, rear racks, and lights making it a good utilitarian tool. Besides, this type of bike is widely used in Asia where the usage of it is widely being recommended because of its pro-health benefits; individuals can get some exercise, help the environment, and save money while doing small errands like riding to a grocery store or post office.   

The hybrid and comfort bikes

Hybrid and comfort bikes commonly share the same features for comfort; the only difference between the two is their wheel size. Comparing the two, the hybrid type has larger but thinner road wheels while the latter type yields a smaller wheel similar to the mountain bikes. However, these bikes are loaded with great comfort features and can take paved trails, family cycling trips, and smooth dirt well. Furthermore, the handlebars for these bikes are slightly in a higher or upright position that is made specifically to bring more comfort. 

The time trial and triathlon bike

Among all other types, the time trial or triathlon bikes are specifically created to take triathlon events or competitions; this means that the bike can take any type of terrain and are heavily focused on the aerodynamics. Since these events have become popular worldwide, a lot of bike manufacturers have decided to create their designs that could compete with other makers; for example, of this type, bicycle parts adelaide. These vehicles have aero bars to lean the rider in an aerodynamic position and forward handlebars in a bull-shaped position. Also, the shifters of the bike are located at the aero bars allowing the rider to conveniently shift gears.

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