The Different Types of Mobile Phone Charger Cables That Exist Today

Did you know the smartphone was first envisioned as an invention that was to come in 1927? Nikola Tesla saw them coming; around 50 years later, the chargers needed for the phones he said would come were invented. 

In 1973, the first cell phone prototype was invented by Martin Cooper. But, unfortunately, the prototype weighed a whopping 2.5 pounds, had a usage time of only 30 minutes, and had to charge for just over 10 hours

Thousands of mobile phone charger cables have been sold and used since then. However, not all are created equal and could be useless if you purchase the wrong one for your device. 

Read on for more on the different types of chargers in existence today.

Android Charger Cables

In the electronic world of smartphones, two heads of household exist in the technology industry, Apple and Android.

They both have many different types of smartphones and are ever developing. As they upgrade their devices available, they also upgrade the types of chargers. 

Here is a rundown of available Android chargers for the different types of smartphones they offer.

Micro USB

The micro USB charger cable is one of the oldest styles. Nearly every Android smartphone device was created with a micro USB port before 2015 and is still used in devices today. 


USB type C cables became available for Androids in 2015. It has a faster charging time than a micro USB and has a USB-A on the opposite end to plug into your charging box. 

Mini USB

It’s often used for flip phones and digital cameras these days.

This charger is also more rugged than a micro USB cable and shouldn’t break as easily.

Apple Charger Cables

Through the years, Apple has developed its style to remain in competition with Android. Here is a list of Apple’s charger cables.

Apple 30-Pin to USB

This is Apple’s original charging cable used for their iPhone 4 or below and the generation 3 iPad or earlier. It’s a wide charger and connects to a USB end.

Apple Lightning Connector 

Around 2012, Apple switched to the lightning connector. It wasn’t much of a change in speed with the charge. But, it did give users a slender connector that’s less likely to break chargers.

Apple Fast-Charging 20W USB-C

Apple recently updated their chargers for a faster charge using the Lightning to USB-C connection design. This does mean updating all your charging boxes, but it offers the advantage of a faster charge. 

Special Designs for Cars

You’ll find the MDI adapter cable lightning charger is specially made for your favorite Volkswagon. This will keep you riding in style, along with the ability to charge your phone. 

If you drive a more classic car, there’s a charger for you! Chargers from both Apple and Android are available with a direct line to the old cigarette lighter port.

These cords are typically created with a coiled cable to keep storage in the car tidy and easy to use.

The Best Mobile Phone Charger Cables for You 

As you can see, we live in a sea of mobile phone charger cables. It can become a little tricky when you’re trying to secure the right cord for your device. 

Still, we hope this article has helped clear things up for you! And, of course, while you’re out there, it wouldn’t hurt to secure a backup charger, either!

In the meantime, we invite you to keep coming back to our blog for more on the different mobile phone charger cables and other tech updates!

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