The Future of Vehicles and Transportation: What’s on the Horizon?

Transportation has come a long way from the way humans roamed the Earth thousands of years ago. Long gone are the days of having to walk or make a dangerous attempt to mount a wild animal and get it to cooperate for a ride. Also long gone are the days of needing to hitch a horse, donkey or other beast of burden to a cart to transport a large load or several people. The way we move is completely different in this modern age, even from the very first Ford that made its debut in 1903. Things like power windows, airbags and automatic locks are now standard on any new vehicle and most used vehicles that are currently being sold. But with all the great new advancements like lane assist and parking assist, there’s always something flashier, more convenient and more efficient to come. Let’s take a look at the future of vehicles and see what may be on the horizon.

Future of Vehicles and Transportation

Electric Vehicles

When you shop with Ennis Ford for a used car or truck, you’re going to notice a wide selection of vehicles, many of which will be electric or electric hybrid vehicles. With coal and petroleum being non-renewable resources and the Earth’s population steadily growing, our reliance on these resources are not likely to endure the stresses that we have put them to. This is why we will see more and more electric vehicles being produced as well as an increasing number of charging stations that will soon rival the commonality of a traditional gas station.

Autonomous Vehicles

It seems that the populus is being primed for fully autonomous vehicles. We currently have vehicles that can park themselves with just the push of a button. Although fully autonomous vehicles haven’t been implemented all over the world, it appears that it will likely be in our lifetime that countries and governments allow them for private citizen use. Vehicles in the immediate future will have an increasing number of automated functions like emergency braking autofunctions. It’s not fully autonomous just yet, but in the next 15 to 20 years it could be a reality.


This is one of the biggest things that make being in your car, truck or SUV more fun. And as technology advances, it is more likely that the interconnectivity of your vehicle will also continue to push forward. Beyond integrating smart homes and smart devices to your vehicle, connecting and charging your phone and laptop, and Bluetooth technology, there’s plenty more that may be just down the road. More touchscreens and improved entertainment options for backseat passengers are in the works. And full voice control is a lot closer than you may think. Keeping drivers’ hands on the wheel and off of devices will hopefully decrease avoidable accidents that come with distracted driving.

For now, there are no hover cars in the near future. We aren’t ready to surf the Milky Way or take a nap in the car and wake up at our destination 12 hours away. There are a lot of great technological advancements that are sure to redefine the way we drive. The future looks bright.

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